Busting the savings, one item at a time

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

With the house almost at the end of renovation and Dylan's arrival in less than 2 months, I'm sorry but I think all you guys are gonna read about for the next few months would be nothing but these.

I promise I will blog more about other stuff after this biggest part of our lives is over. I want to talk about other things I like, like skincare and clothes....

And probably How To Get A More Awesome Body Than What You Have Before Pregnancy. I told Nian I wanna look Doutzen Kroes after I give birth, so that I can look like a MILF lol. But this will mean I'd probably not need much clothes with a figure like this:

Doutzen Kroes | omg look at the thighs and abs.

I don't know, maybe it IS possible if I try hard enough! Or by practicing The Secret, which is in the rage now, all I need to do is to think about it. And believe that it will happen. :P

I also want to go on a holiday, but that will come much later because I don't think I can have Dylan away from my side for more than 2 hours I think. Besides, we would be super broke by the end of the renovations and delivery. Unless we rob a bank (or I become so hot, I earn insane amount of money overnight), this may come only next year.

But for now, I think I will still talk about our new place.

New buys - Panasonic Microwave Oven + Rice Cooker Set, $190

Finally bought our rice cooker and microwave oven, after the longest contemplation! If you're also shopping for appliances, you should head down to Takashimaya. They've got quite a lot of things on sale now (ending 30 June) and we managed to snag this Panasonic Microwave Oven + Rice Cooker Set for only $190, inclusive of delivery!

I can feel the auntie side of me bursting into some sort of happiness.... I feel like bouncing on a meadow!! The usual price if we were to get the items separately would be about $258. Even though it is only $68 difference, $68 saved means $68 can be spent on something else! :D

Meyer Frying Pan, 28cm

Bought a Meyer Frying Pan at 50% off too!!! Initial price at $58, I snug this goodie at $29. *flashes wide smile*

Everything is supposed to come up to $219 after the discount, but with a $70 Taka voucher I got from some blogging event that I don't really remember...


Current outstanding money-busting items:

- cushioned stool for my vanity table
- open-shelf cabinet for the common toilet
- display cabinet
- bookshelves
- dining table
- bedside tables
- frying ladle
- cutleries
- knives
- anti-slip mats for toilets
- table mats
- electric kettle

Oh my god.

Btw, our air-cons will be up tomorrow! :D

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  1. If you dont mind the quality of cutleries, you can get 6 for $1.20 at those value stores :)

    1. Really!? 6 for $1.20?!?? For metal forks and spoons? You mean the Value$ shop right?

  2. Sorry I couldn't help u out with the rice cooker. But at least you got the main bulk of stuff settled. :)

    1. Hehe thanks dear!

      I'm not sure if it's the main bulk yet, it seems like the to-buy list never gets shorter, omg! O_O

  3. Haha, with the baby coming, you will realised that the home to-buy list will miraculously stop and the baby's list will never stop growing! I had an excel spreadsheet previously to help me keep track of my buys!


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