Being Thankful - Part 2

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I was on one helluva emotional roller coaster just a few days' back. Going straight to the point, Nian was involved in a traffic accident.

It was really freaky. One moment I was sitting at home, after work, chatting with my brother-in-law about Nian and his Vertical Marathon results, then the next moment, I received his call to tell me that he got into an accident. O.O

How it happened

Let me paint you a picture - literally.

Nian was on the expressway, on his way home to his wife and son. He's the green cross. Joker (in red), also on a motorcycle, realized that he was on his way towards the BKE. It was not his intended direction, but as you can see, he was a little too late to change lanes to get into PIE already.

But Joker, obviously unable to assess the situation safely and responsibly, decided to stop his bike in the middle of the road (the incoming cars were quite far away. If you ride, you'd know that bikes usually zoom off faster than cars when they go up into the expressway.), and cut into Nian's lane.

I think he had the intention to ride through the chevron marking, and then hopefully join the lane when the traffic is less heavy. Honestly, I don't really care what method he uses to get across to PIE. But now, he's doing it so dangerously, he didn't even care about his own life (this I don't really care either) and he didn't care about any other people's life who could be in danger.

Most importantly, he didn't care about my husband's life. He didn't care that my husband actually took the responsibility to ride safely so that he can come home to his wife and son. He didn't even care if there were any traffic coming along his way because Joker didn't even bother to turn on his signal when he cut into Nian's lane abruptly.

For that, fuck you Joker.

Nian was obviously shocked at his sudden lane-change because of his lack of signal. He didn't even bother to gradually enter the lane. He just stopped his bike, turned it, and then attempted to ride straight into the chevron marking.

Even though Nian was going at only 70kph, there was no time to avoid Joker at all. Both bikes flew, with ours going straight through the chevron marking, towards the metal barrier.

Nian flew as well.

In his words, everything was in slow-mo. Like... matrix, but in a worse situation because there was no way he could stop flying, or rolling. Or tumbling. He just couldn't stop himself until inertia kicks in and he landed on the road.

He stood up, saw an incoming vehicle coming (still quite a distance) and ran for his life into the chevron area. He even had the strength to go get Joker into the chevron markings as well, even though he was bleeding. I don't even..
WTF husband? You should make sure that you're alright yourself before saving that Joker who didn't even give two hoots about your life!!!

Joker had some bleeding on his head, and was sent to the hospital by the ambulance. That was when Nian walked over to his wrecked bike, took out his phone and called me.

To be honest, I didn't freak out immediately. In fact, I took in a deep breath and asked if he was fine. That was the most important thing. I didn't care how wrecked our bike was, I didn't care if the other guy died, I didn't care if insurance was claimable.

All I wanted to know, was if he was fine and if he can come back home.

He told me he was fine and only had some scratches. Then he told me not to go down to the accident site cuz it was in the expressway and it is dangerous for a prego to be waddling around high-speed vehicles.


I tell you, I always try to be a logical person these days cuz I hang out too much with XY. She's like the queen of logic. Anything shitty happens, she can tell me to "Calm down. Think properly." when all I wanted was to scream and go, "HOWHOWHOWHOWHOW!!!!!"

So I told myself, "If Nian can call me, that means he's not seriously injured. He is fine. Don't freak out."

But that only worked for 30 minutes. Half-an-hour later, I was the teary wrecked prego, calling my God-sis because I don't know what to do.

Do I go buy myself some dinner? (Wtf I knew it was going to be a long night. I can go hungry but Dylan can't. So I HAVE to eat. Don't judge me ok.)

Do I ignore Nian's warning of not going down to the accident site?

I didn't know!!!

In the end, I decided to buy some dinner, stay at home and wait for news. Fast forward to about 2 hours later, Nian headed to the hospital in his friend's car and got his injuries checked out.

At the same time, I packed some bread, made Ribena (my husband loves Ribena. I thought this may cheer him up a bit), got some clothes & jacket, and drove down to meet him.


At the hospital

When I FINALLY saw him at the A&E, I freaked out Round 2. His shirt and pants were torn, and he was so bloody.

Obviously he was trivializing his injuries over the phone. Scratches? What scratches?

His skin was torn off from his body at his back and backside, revealing the pinky, soft flesh still oozing with plasma and blood wtf! And he also suffered some cuts and all on both elbows and his shin. And he sprained his wrist so now they look like pig trotters. Scratches my ass lor scratches.

But honestly? I was glad that he only suffered these superficial wounds. He could have broken a bone, hurt some internal organs or be in a condition so much worse I don't even dare to write down.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post, really. While reading over my Being Thankful - Part 1 post written just barely a week ago, I think this is a much, much bigger issue to be thankful about.

Firstly, I'm thankful that I was not on the bike. I used to ride Nian's bike until I was about 5 months prego. I'm thankful that this accident didn't occur then.

But, if I'm not pregnant with Dylan, I would wish that I am there with Nian. Doesn't matter if that means I'd have to fly a few metres and then having to pick myself up on the road and run to safety. But now that I'm with Dy, I'm thankful that we were at home. I cannot imagine anything bad happening to my son.

Then, I'm thankful that Nian was wearing proper gears - his full face helmet, his gloves and safety boots. I cannot imagine him having his face scratched (just remember the intensity of his 'scratch'), I cannot imagine him having his shoes flying out while he tumbled. Btw, even with his gloves, his fingers were bleeding too.

There's so many MORE things I am thankful for this time round - not just having an apartment, or a baby, or even a piece of degree. I'm thankful that my husband is alive and kicking. I'm thankful that I didn't need to camp beside a hospital bed. I'm thankful that he slept soundly beside me last night.

Thank you, whoever that is looking out for us. Thank you for keeping my husband safe and sound even in an accident like this. Thank you for giving him minimal injuries when you could have delivered a strong one on him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. That's something to be really thankful for! Hope Jia Nian is fine and doing well now. Speedy recovery to him!

    1. Thanks Irwin! I hope the skin grows back really soon, then I can concentrate on putting on all those anti-scar cream on him. :D

  2. Ahuh, I'm fine now. The very moment I see was all that I needed at the hospital. Thank you dear. I'm just glad that a lot of people are concerned and they helped me along the way. Perhaps good karma.

    1. I hope you will get well soon, hubba! <3

  3. Just thankful to know Nian is alright. Hugs, it must be really emotional for you, now just rest and have a speedy recovery.

    There is always someone watching you from above.

    1. Yeah, I'm really really super thankful for that person above. For making sure that Nian is fine and recovering well. Thanks for the comment dear! :)

  4. U must be sweating cold sweat and had quite a bad fright ... anyways being on the roads is not only precarious because make one mistake and that's it , one would also have to pay for others mistakes sometimes. So yeah guess your hubby was really lucky . Rest well .

    1. Thank you, Anon!

      It's very scary that even though we take responsibility for our own safety, there are people like that who take all these for granted. :( These people shouldn't be allowed to drive/ride at all!

  5. Take care n recover soon :)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, I'm So so so so glad he's safe, I hope for Nian's speedy recover and be strong JAC You have a baby coming very soon!

    1. Thanks Clara! Let's hang out soon please, I haven't seen you in real life since my wedding dinner wtf!

  7. Replies
    1. Yeah, thank goodness, thank God, thank everything that I can thank! D:

  8. Great to know that Nian was fine! God Bless you and your family during your last few weeks of your pregnancy and when your baby is born!

    1. Thank you! God bless you for being such a kind soul too! :)


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