Tech Review: Casio Exilim TR150 - Part 2

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the wonderful tips you've left me yesterday! We're still looking for an affordable 2nd-hand stroller, so do throw me an email if you've one to sell, or to give away. We'll be more than grateful for it. :D

The scan was good today. Dylan had actually been flipping around, and now he's on his fours! Yes, on his fours in my tummy. Win. I've gained about 1kg for the past month, 809g goes to Dylan hahaha. Looks like he's doing a good job keeping the weight away from his mom. :P

Apart from that, my MIL came back home from the market today with very comfortable cotton hankies for Dy. So that's another thing struck off! We also bought like 3 boxes of Tommee Tippee breast pads because they were on sale. :) Makes me happy like that knowing that we're slowly, but surely, buying everything Dy probably needs.

Also, thanks to all your tips, Nian and I are looking at a baby swaddle too! Saw one on eBay going for USD$12 so Nian's gonna get it and ship it back along with the rest of our barang.


Talking about babies, I've been having a lot of fun with our nephew and the Casio Exilim TR150! Since my last review almost one month ago, I realized that there are many more fun functions to play around with.

Btw, if you don't remember, here's the TR150 - very flexible as compared to other ordinary cameras eh?

I've been actively using the make-up mode. The last time I used level 6, this time, I played with the super make-up level: Level 12! This is a new function in the TR150, not found in the previous TR100 model.

See, all of us have smooth skin like my nephew, even my MIL! Hahaha. Wish my nephew wouldn't move so much then we'll have super clear photos.

Heh heh. I really like the Level 12 make up mode. It makes my nephew look so fair and glowy! Actually, he's quite fair to begin with, but I really love the glowy part of the picture. :)

See? Even I look glowy too - and this is taken without a single bit of make up. I'm amazed how my dark eye circles didn't make it into the picture. :P

Picture on Picture (P.O.P) and Frames DIY

The Casio Exilim also takes photo taking to a whole new level of fun. Remember how we used to decorate cutesy "stickers" on our photos when we take neoprints?

You can do it with this camera too!

Notice a little ugly grey heart at the background? It's actually my amateur try of P.O.P.

First, I took a picture of our sofa prints, then using a stylus provided by Casio (only available in the TR150), I drew out a heart. After that, I copied and paste on a new picture!

If you're really good, you can do pretty pictures like these:

This is when the object is cut out. Otherwise, you can select just the remaining background like this:

So cute right. :D

Here's something nicer! I took these glowy stars from the camera's default images. Hehe.

Ok, enough babies for today. Do keep a look-out on the Casio Exilim TR150 in the upcoming IT show, or at your usual camera sales outlet. It is available in White, Pink and Red. :)

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  1. Hello may i know How much u paid for this camera?

    1. Hello, this is a sponsored post, so I didn't pay anything for it. However, the retail price for this camera is $449, available at most electronics stores. :)

  2. do you know which electronics stores available now?
    i oso wan to buy $449. even $550 i oso paid.

  3. can i know which store available now?
    i oso wan to buy if u can find 1 cheaper thn $600


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