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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello everyone! How's your Sunday? Now that we're towards the end of the weekend, I do hope you guys and girls are not suffering too much of a Monday Blues. :p

Recently, the kind folks from Reckitt Benckiser and Vibes have sent me the latest range of Dettol shower products, complete with very delicious cupcakes! I'm pretty sure most of us have used Dettol products at some point in our life, right?

For me, I use Dettol mostly for sanitization. For example, now that I've gotten prego with Dylan, I have to be extremely careful with Kiki and Koko's litter because they contain parasites that may harm the baby. My "cleanliness-freak" in me knows that no matter how much water I splash in the toilets, there's nothing more guaranteed in removing these nasty parasites than Dettol.

I also use Dettol in washing clothes. Basically, I feel “clean-clean” only when I use Dettol. So with the launch of this new shower foam, you can imagine how happy I was!


Gone were the days where Dettol is just merely for washing floors! As you can see, this range is available in Nourishing (in green) and Soothing (in yellow) range. My personal preference would be the Nourishing selection because it is so moisturizing, and it smells SO GOOD.

The body, alike to our faces, ages easily if we dehydrate them out. That is why we should always drink sufficient water, avoid the sun as much as possible, and of course, moisturize. In my point of view, there's no such thing as over-moisturizing. :P

The Soothing range is very good for a night time shower, in my opinion. If you have the luxury of owning these two ranges at one go (which is really easy cuz they are super affordable from $3.20 to $9.90), I would recommend you to use the Nourishing range in the morning because it is towards the refreshing side, while the Soothing range is more towards a calming side - which is good when you prepare for bed.

So, how is Dettol Natural different from the usual shower foam? And how is it different from other anti-bacterial shower foams?

Watch the video to find out more! You can also take the chance to laugh at my very "homely" look, fresh from the shower. I hope you guys enjoy it even though I'm still pretty much a newbie with video-logs. Hehehe.

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