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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Confession: I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty.

Yes, although my blog has got zero traces of kitties - my house, quite the contrary, is almost a Hello Kitty land.

My keychain's Hello Kitty. My paper weight is Hello Kitty. My hand-held fan is Hello Kitty. My handphone case is Hello Kitty. My tissue box has Hello Kitty prints. My pencil case is Hello Kitty. I've got a ink stamp that I'd stamp on my papers, with a Hello Kitty head, before I write my name on worksheets back in school. Heck, even my pen caps are Hello Kitties:

(Nian bought this for me when we were in Tokyo!)

I know right, they are so cute I don't even.....

I don't exactly remember when I started obsessing with this mouthless kitty, but I would definitely remember my first collection of this cutesy feline.

It all began in 1999, to be exact. There was a boy who wanted me to be his "stead" (what? You guys don't use this term anymore???). Flowers were not really in trend back then, when I was in Secondary 2. In fact, bears were more popular. But Hello Kitties? I can be your girlfriend, no problem. LOL.

At the stroke of midnight of the new millenium, Singapore went mad with the Hello Kitty craze. Suddenly, I realized that I was not the only girl who was so attracted to this... cat! Queues snaked along every single McDonald's, people bought DOZENS of Extra Value Meals just so that they can purchase these Hello Kitties.

Thank goodness I had a guy who was crazy enough for me to go queue up for these. I wouldn't be so sure if I would survive, had I queued for them myself! (He also gained like 6kgs after eating all those Extra Value Meals because he had to get the sets for me lololol)

Subsequently, my kitty collection just grew, and grew AND GREW. Mostly thanks to McDonald's and my husband, who totally condones my... irrational love.

I think my latest Hello Kitty collection is this Winter Series from McDonald's. It comes free with every Happy Meal purchased, so just go count how much hotcakes I've eaten over the week!

I've these keychains from 2008 also. It features Hello Kitty in different occupations!

And I've also the 35th anniversary Hello Kitties that came in Apples capsules:

There were SO MANY of them for this collection, I had to get both my sisters to buy Extra Value Meals to get them - and we didn't even complete this set. Had to go on eBay to bid for it you know!

But I think it is all worth it. Because McDonald's finally know how much I love Hello Kitty. And how much Extra Value Meals I've eaten this past 12 years. I was invited to their bloggers' event yesterday!

I feel kinda sorry for Dylan, because he would probably never understand why his mom is so obsessed with that cat. :p (and yes, I'm showing much, much more now at 27 weeks.)

So what was the bloggers' event for?

If you don't already know, McDonald's is launching yet another Hello Kitty collection! What's exciting about it? Well, it is another PLUSHIE release, like finally!

Ever since 2000, I haven't seen McDonald's releasing anymore Hello Kitty plushies. Most of them are in other cutesy forms - capsules, plastic toys, watches etc. So I'd say it has been a long, long time. :)

Also, Hello Kitty is dressed as the McDonaldland Gang!

Do you remember McDonaldland characters? I used to see so much of them when McDees still had playgrounds!

Gah... Those were the days. :)

 I cannot decide which one I like more. The classic Hamburglar and Ronald? Or the super cute Grimace and Birdie?

If you're a hardcore Hello Kitty fan like I am, I honestly don't think you should miss this release. :D

Starting tomorrow (17 May 2012), the Hamburglar Kitty (decked in black & white stripes) will be launched at all McDonald outlets. The rest of them will be scheduled as follow:

  • Grimace Hello Kitty (purple): 24 May to 30 May
  • Birdie Hello Kitty (with pink overall and purple scarf): 31 May to 6 June
  • Ronald Hello Kitty (DON'T TELL ME U DUNNO HOW RONALD LOOKS LIKE): 7 June to 13 June

They are available at $3.60 each with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal (one kitty per meal), or $9 if you were to purchase the toy separately.

Good luck in getting all of these McDonaldland X Hello Kitty plushies! You might need to wait for another 12 years for another release, I wouldn't even dare to think. :P

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  1. I'm a Hello Kitty fan too and will be getting my hubby to eat Mac for this collection. If you like Hello Kitty, do drop by my blog next week for a Hello Kitty giveaway :)

    1. Helloooo Susan!!

      I joined your giveaway once but unfortunately I didn't win anything! Will definitely look out for the giveaway, better luck this time! :D :D :D

  2. Great to meet you at the event! :) Congrats on your pregnancy too.. hope to talk more to you at future events!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Hi

    I missed the sale of Birdie Hello Kitty and it was sold out after I return from business travel 3 days ago
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    Thank you.

  4. Hi there!
    Anyone have extra Birdie,offer please.....

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