[Adv] McDonald's x Hello Kitty Bloggers' Event, Part 2

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello everyone! It's finally Friday! :D

Have you gotten your Hamburglar X Hello Kitty yesterday?

Most of my friends did, and boy were they glad they went on the first day! If you haven't gotten yours yet, I hope they are still available today. Heard from them that the queue in the afternoon and evening last night was kinda long. D:

Anyways, here's the second part of the bloggers' event. After all of us settled down from the gushing of these kitties, the working personnels very kindly went around taking our orders for food. (Yes, even though they are the PR ladies from GH, marketing ladies from Omy and the in-charge for Macs, they did all these for us. :))

Most of us would know what drinks we can opt for when we buy a meal at Mac's: the usual soft drinks, or orange juice and green tea (or iced/hot milo) if we're going for something healthier.

In today's post, I'm gonna introduce you some new drinks you can get while dining at McDonald's.

That's right, they are the Strawberry-Banana and the Mango-Pineapple Smoothie.

These smoothies are a healthy replacement from the usual soft drinks that we have with our usual set meals. They are freshly blended and made with real fruits and yoghurt, making them taste extremely yummy and thirst-quenching in a hot day!

For Tuesday night, I opted for the Strawberry-Banana Smoothie because pregos can't really take a lot of Pineapples, and the Strawberry-Banana combination is a very good remedy for constipation, if you know what I mean. :P

I like what I got because the smoothie was very icy, which was really good because the weather was SUPER warm. I also managed to chew on some loosely blended ice-strawberry mixture, which gave it an extra texture on my tongue.

I was kinda worried that the drink may be too sour because strawberries are sometimes VERY sour, if you blend those that are not quite ripe. But nope. It tasted really good! If you have tastebuds sensitive enough, you can feel the little seeds from the strawberries bursting under your palate while you squash them with your tongue, releasing yet another bout of strawberry fragrance to the already-tasty drink.

When you're queueing up for these Hello Kitty toys these 4 weeks, how about giving these Smoothies a try? They are part of McDonald's permanent beverage offerings and are available at $3.45 for the regular one, and $3.95 for the large.

Eating fast food may not necessarily be entirely unhealthy. You just need to know how to balance it out, isn't it? :D

On a sidenote, we are in Week 27!

Just 13 more weeks to go. Fighting!

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  1. U are a radiant and beautiful mommy ... Some more weeks ahead and u can start reading up about braxton hicks contraction ... Meanwwhile watch those steps as one can really get clumsy as the stomachs gets bigger and bigger ...

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I've to agree that I'm nowhere as agile as before. Want to brisk walk across the road also difficult! With the rainy days, looks like walking carefully is very important. :D


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