Key Collection Day :D

Monday, May 28, 2012

On the very day, even though our appointment was at 10:10AM, Nian and I were there by 9.30AM because there were so many things to do!

Fire Insurance
First, we got our Fire Insurance - this basically covers the HDB if your house gets burned down. You don't get any payout at all wtf. But you can upgrade this insurance by paying a bit more (which we did) and they would cover us too.

Apart from fire, this insurance also covers burglary and vandalism, which I think it will be quite useful, especially with the loansharks going around splashing paint on neighbours' apartments instead of the debtor's!

We also got a special promotion with buying 4 years with 1 year free. It only came up to about $6/month for the coverage. We bought this as well, since we can't move in 5 years either wtf.

Key Collection
After purchasing the Fire Insurance, we then collected our queue number, waited for less than 20 minutes and we were called into the Sales office already! Very, very exciting. The last time we were in there, we paid 5% of our flat.

Now, they are wiping our CPF accounts empty!!!!! I don't know whether to call this good or bad. Looking at the bright side, we paid quite a significant sum with our CPF - that means our loan will be rather affordable. In fact, as long as we continue working, we won't just be able to pay off our loan, we can still accumulate some CPF savings.

Our keys came in a small, neat leather pouch with 3 keys for each door. We were also required to buy some personal insurance - basically, if either one of us passes away prematurely, the surviving one wouldn't need to pay for the flat anymore. The insurance will take care of it. (So morbid right.)

The sales person will also let you know what kind of grilles is allowed in the yard. If you don't already know, the yard doesn't come with any windows nor grilles - I don't know why. No logic to me at all.

Miscellaneous items to pay
All in all, we spent about 30 minutes in the sales office - but that is not all. We had to pay for our first month of conservancy charges (already!) at the cashier, then go activate our water and electricity (optional, you will have water & electricity for the first 7 days after you collect your keys. After which, you can decide when you want to activate your account.).

Conservancy charges for our estate is at $48, while the deposit needed for SP Services is $100 for water and electricity. For gas, we would need to arrange for another appointment separately.

On the very day, we also got our geomancer to come down to our new place. We had to prepare 13 oranges (don't ask me why) prior to his arrival. When he reaches our place, he would then throw the oranges into the living room!

Funny to see all the oranges tumbling and rolling every where in the empty, white floor tiles. Hehehe. Basically, our geomancer would use our date and time of birth to calculate our birth elements (金,木, 水,火,土) and then deduce what elements are the best for us, and we would paint/decorate the house based on the colours/positions he has chosen.

Essentially, we needed to paint our master bedroom in green and red - which is SUPER tricky. We haven't really figured out how to make our room look chic with these two Christmas colours. :P

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  1. How you think about the geomancer? Dun't mind share with me? Thks


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