House Inspection + Checklist

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Again, if you don't already know, when a BTO comes, it usually comes with quite a bit of defects. So we've set this week aside to inspect the house and let HDB know of any defects, so that they can fix it before our renovation begins.

Our contractor will also be down on 1 June 2012 for some measurements for carpentry works. Apparently, depending on the floor plan itself is not really accurate because they didn't factor in things like piping and all.

For example, we are going to have some problems with our washing machine because of some thick-ass pipings in the middle of the wall. Our machine won't be able to flush against the wall, and that, led to the protrution of our washing machine behind the door. -__-

It is essential that we do the inspection thoroughly, because all defects now will be rectified free of charge. Anything after that, we would have to bear the cost ourselves. So!!!!

Here's a list of stuff you should check when you first get into your apartment:

Main Door
- Are there any scratches?
- Are there any wood peel?
- Can the door lock properly?
- Does the handle work?
- If you have a peephole, is it facing the right direction?
- Is paint peeling off your door frame?
- Are your hinges creeky?
- Can ALL your keys work?
- Is your unit number upright & not wobbly?

- Can you lock the store properly? (When locked, the handle should be upwards in 180 degrees)
- Are the tiles flat and smooth?
- Cracks/holes in the walls?
- Are there scratches on the door?
- Are the hinges working properly?

- Can all the windows slide smoothly?
- Are the locks working well?
- Are there any cracks on the glass?

Doors: Refer to main door
- Do the stopper align properly with the magnet?

- Are the tiles all smoothly laid?
- Any hollow tiles?

- Are the shower heads leaking?
- Does the water all flow into the drainage?
- Any cracks/scratches on the shower heads and toilet bowls/covers?
- How is the water pressure?
- Are all the tiles smoothly laid?
- Do they have stoppers behind the doors?

Switches & Electrical Points
- Do all points have electricity?
- Are the switches working fine?

- Check for cracks and holes

- Are the tiles smoothly laid?
- Is the kitchen bi-fold door fixed properly?
- Is the pulley system of the bamboo sticks working well?

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