Being Thankful =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I was just lying in bed last night, thinking about how wonderful my life is.

I don't know about you, but I think it is very important to show appreciation for all the good things that has happened in one's life. And I'm indeed thankful. =)

Granted, it is not perfect - we don't own a car (yet), but that's about the only flaw I can see about our lives now wtf. :D

Now that Nian and I are turning 27, we've pretty much accomplished most of the things we need to - get a degree, gotten married, have a kid, good paying jobs to support a family, and now, we've gotten our apartment too.

I always tell Nian that we are really fortunate. I mean, when I look at friends of our age, I would safely say that none have been as far into this whole "life" thing as us. And we are doing really well, albeit from the empty CPF and the almost-empty savings account.

I take it as a very great accomplishment. I'm thankful that things are so smooth running in our lives, I'm thankful that there are so many great people helping us along the way and most importantly, I'm thankful that Nian is willing to settle down with me. =)


Yesterday, when we went to HDB to pick up our keys, I didn't feel remotely excited. Maybe because it has been an awfully long wait for 3 years and 2 months. Maybe because the house still didn't look like it is real, until I step in myself.

Anyway, there were a lot of things to do when we picked up the keys: Buy fire insurance, buy personal insurance, pay conservancy charges, activate SP Services... -__-

Oh but when we reached the apartment and as I slotted our keys into the main door, my heart did a somersault. Like, "THIS. This is our home. This is where Dy will grow up, and where we will come back to every day. This is where I can cook and sleep in the master bedroom wtf!!!!!!!!!"

And then I got wildly happy when our geomancer came in and commented that the apartment is very good for us - for Nian especially, because it had all the "elements" that he needed.

Talking about geomancers, it is really pretty fun and interesting to consult them actually. Like with our date and time of birth, he concluded that Nian and I have entirely opposite elements, but because of this, I become his 姻缘 (loosely translated to "another half"). We also don't have a lot of "Fire" in our elements, which is good because Fire usually translates to arguments and a hot-temper.

Imagine! Someone like me, so bitchy and snappy, actually don't have a lot of Fire! I'm secretly good and patient deep within me I think. :P

He also said that we will have three kids in our life. Haiya, how! I don't really like odd numbers. Besides, I don't want my middle child to suffer from the Middle Child Syndrome lolwtf. But I guess if it's meant to be, things will work out, right? Maybe my second pregnancy will be a pair of twins. So no 2nd kid gets ignored.

Anyway, the point of this post is to remember to be thankful! It is very easy to complain about life - about how slow the MRT is, about how scumbag our cats can be, about how humid the weather is... but at the end of the day, I think it is very important to appreciate all the little good in our life so that we will never take it for granted.

So yes! I'm very happy and thankful! And I want MORE good things to come for Nian and I! :D

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  1. hi,

    may i know which geomancer did u engage? have been finding one but cant really find one i can trust or someone has engaged their services before. please intro!

    1. Hello!

      We use Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading at Fu Lu Shou Complex. The uncle also calculated our wedding date last year, so we went back to him with our new place.

      You can tell them you're recommended by Yue Yun (my Chinese name, he doesn't know me by Jacqualine LOL) or Jia Nian. Maybe have good price LOL.

      The amount will include seeing feng shui, calculating the start date of reno and a good date to move in.

      The address is:
      149 Rocher Road, #B1-07
      Fu Lu Shou Complex
      Singapore 188425

      Telephone: 6336 1628

      Hope this helps!

    2. How r the charges???


    3. Jasper, the charges are different depending on the things you ask. I'm not sure about his range though. Maybe you give him a call to check prices before u commit?

  2. i've already moved in to my apt just thinking of seeing what can be done to make luck etc better hehe. anyway thanks alot! happy pregnancy journey to you! =)


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