Baby Post: We got new clothes for Dy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

We bought some and inherited some. Baby Dylan has officially enough clothes to last him until he turns 1 year old, thanks to my MIL and SIL.

Apart from that, we've also gotten diaper-rash cream, pacifiers and reusable diapers and inherited several good stuff like a playmat from XY, cot from my SIL's colleague and a little recliner seat from SIL's friend. We've also settled the smaller things like sterilizer, food warmer, mittens and booties, caps, blankets etc.

It's not so bad delivering in the year of the dragon afterall. :P

We're now looking at strollers! Just wondering... does anyone happen to have one to sell, or to give away? Preferably one that incorporates infant car seat and a stroller, baby can front-face or rear face and reasonably stable. We also need a breast pump (freakin $500!) because I'd love to go on breast feeding, but I suppose it's better for us to get a first-hand one due to hygiene.

Mummy and Daddy Tan are living with quite a tight budget with the house and baby. D:

As for myself, the only thing I've gotten is probably 1 maternity bra that I got from Maternity Exchange with the $50 voucher I won from Edmund ( a few months back. Think I'd need a couple more.

I don't know, what else would we need? Advice needed!

P.S. We're going for our 6th month scan tomorrow!

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  1. If u have friends with Ocbc robinsons card u can go check out their private sale for breast pumps, there's up to 25%+5% discounts sometimes.

    1. Wow! 25% is a lot! Nian is looking at Motherhood forum and that seems to be almost 50% of whatever that's selling outside.

      We're looking at the Medela Freestyle - can't believe it's retailing for $988 outside! D:

  2. Congratz...

    Maybe u can buy baby swaddle which I found s good to use for newborns.. Buy oso waterproof mat which I love to use on my newborn baby nw do it won't get wet on their cot or ur bed. For urself if u wan breastfeed buy breastfeed bra n reusable pad.. Bcause i got too much milk, so i buy disposable milk storage bag as i dun hv so many milk bottle n i freeze it for bb use whn i bck to work. U can buy Tis during bb fair..

    If u like buy e bb sling cloth type, but I nvr buy as I dun dare to use it..

    1. Oooh! Thanks a lot for the tips!

      We just got 3 boxes of Timmee Toppee disposable breast pads. Motherhood is having sale, so each box is only at $7!

      I'm worried about not having enough milk though. Some friends I spoke with advise not to buy breast pump first, in case no milk. But some other school of thought say if I don't pump regularly (cuz no pump), then milk flow will be low.

      Like chicken first or egg first like that. :(

      As for the sling cloth, many told me must buy those have ring can adjust one. There is one kind no ring, then very rigid. Baby grow up liao cannot use already. :\

    2. First few days u won't hv much milk. I first few days diligently pump every 2hrs n let bb latch whenever they cry. My milk eventually slowly come in on 5th day n I oso eat lots of fish. I use Mandela pump which I tink is gd. I bought 2nd hand as u need to sterilize each time u use so I tink hygien part is ok. My bb nw s one mth old n my milk is so much tat my bb can't drain off. So I believe regular pump or latch will help.

      When you are free, you can check for bb vaccination package if you do not want to go to poly clinic for vaccination.

      For swaddle I bought from Thomson Medical as theirs is big piece of cloth.

      Who is your gynea?

  3. Congratulations! Have been silently reading your blog since FP days, and feel really happy for you!
    Some items you might want to consider:
    1. Assurance pillows (like this Can place across baby's stomach area to assure him that someone is there. Works very well for my two babies!

    2. Breastmilk: best to invest in a good dual pump for the situation if baby doesn't latch properly, so you can start pumping out some milk to feed him, and also prevent blocked ducts.

    3. Nipple cream: to moisturize and protect sore nipples. Try Medela's Lanolin, it's a boob-saver for me and it's safe for baby too.

    4. Ru Yi You: to sooth baby in case of stomach wind. The Ji Xiang brand one (TV commercial commonly played) works and smells better than other brands.

    5. Hankerchiefs: get at least a dozen, to place under chin of baby while feeding, or just as a handy wipe.

    6. Wet wipes: for easy cleaning up of poo.

    7. Facial Cotton pads: those that us ladies use for toner etc. To dip into boiled water to clean baby's mouth.

    8. Some tonics to prepare for longan red date tea: red dates, longan, wolfberry....forgot about the other 2 basic ingredients for this. you can check with any 药材店, they should know.

    Are you getting a confinement lady to help you in the first month? Have you already book one? If you are and have not book one, better ask around for recommendations from people you know. Don't trust reviews given on forums etc. Most are unreliable and are even posted by the confinement ladies themselves or their friends/relatives.

    I think there should be another Takashimaya babyfair in July, you can look out for it or check with Taka personnel. Think you can get most of what you need there :)

    Take care, and enjoy these few months leading to the big day. Everything's gonna change from there, and you're going to love it :)


    1. Hi Nicole!!

      Thanks a lot for your tips! The Zaky hands look really interesting, are they filled with bean sprout husks?

      Planning to get breast pumps soon, but aft speaking with friends, some told me not to buy so early, just in case *touchwood* no breastmilk then the breast pump will be a waste.

      Other friends tell me not to worry if I don't have milk for the first few days, just need to diligently pump and latch. So having a breast pump will help.

      Thing is, a breast pump is expensive and not many mothers are willing to buy 2nd hand due to hygiene issues. :\

      I've gotten my confinement lady already! I was very kiasu, think I secured her when I was in my 4th month. :P We're now looking at those Malay massage ladies to help me with the post-natal massages. Any to recommend? :D

    2. Babe, I'm currently using Medela PIS & it's serving me very well. My girl's 11 months old now & she's still exclusively on BM. U can check out The First Years at Paragon 3rd level. Their Medela products are cheaper as they import them directly. They also do repairs. Don't be put off by the price of the pumps. I believe an investment in a good set is worth it if u can afford it. If u still intend to pump after u return to work, it helps to have a good one so that u can pump efficiently without
      wasting time. Besides u can use it for ur second kid too.

      For massage, I highly recommend Sharon from ShalomMassage (google this, I think there's a website). I used her for both pregnancies & lost inches in just 2 weeks. More importantly, the massages are to help shrink ur uterus &"push out" residual blood clots. She's a Chinese btw & will bring her own portable bed for massages so your bed won't be stained. She does slim wraps & facials too. Tell her ur recommended by Nicole.

      As for breastmilk, yup, best thing to do is to latch latch and latch. Having a breastpump is handy so u can continue to stimulate the milk ducts when the baby is sleeping. I started drinking fresh coconut juice when I'm in the 34th week onwards, about twice a week. Heard from somewhere that baby will be clean when he comes out & it helps in milk production too. Eating oats help as well.

      Remember that any amount of milk, especiaLly the first few drops of colostrum, is very precious to the baby. You may think that baby is not drinking enough, but a little amount each time is already very sufficient for a newborn. Baby may lose some weight in the first few days but don't be overly worried if as long as he's passing urine. Press on & latch him on whenever u can. :)


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