[Review] Casio Exilim TR150 - Part 1

Monday, April 09, 2012

As a blogger, photo quality is very important because it is probably one of the main reasons why readers come back again and again. I mean, look at most of the high profile bloggers - most of them have very beautiful pictures, so beautiful that they are more beautiful than themselves in real life!

Now, I can be one of them too. :D

Thanks to Casio Singapore and Omy, I was given this newly launched Casio Exilim TR150 to give a go at. Being an amateur camera user, I really appreciate this camera because of several points:

Picture speaks louder than words. When you compare the size of the Exilim TR150, it is about the same size as our iPhone that we carry around all the time!

Even the thickness is roughly the same, so it is really convenient to keep it in my bag and whip it out to use whenever I feel like it. In fact, I put the TR150 along with my pouch for my tissue packs, so that I can finally take some delicious food photos! Haven't been doing that for a long time because my existing camera is a little bit too bulky for normal days. :)

Apart from the usual Auto Mode, where the white balance and apateur are all automatically set depending on the scenes and amount of light, this camera also has a Best Shot mode which has HDR, Multi SR Zoom, High Speed Best Selection, High Speed Night Scene, High Speed Anti Shake and Slide Panorama.

Here's a sample of the Slide Panorama, with me at a prata shop one morning, having prata for breakfast. :D

I see this as a great function for holidays. Imagine standing in front of a beautiful beach, but all you can take are just pictures that you can squeeze into one screen. -__-

This one, you can have a pretty panorama view to share with everyone and make them envious of your holiday!


Envious already? :D

Another interesting function that I like to use is the HDR Art. It makes highly saturated Andy Warhold kinda pictures without photoshop!

Here's a picture of my artistic prata breakfast, Hubba's Teh Halia and my Horlicks Peng.

A team that Nian's team was playing against, on a regular weekend.

Random items in my bag - and yes! That is the tissue paper pouch I was talking about earlier LOL.

Erm, not so good for taking a portrait shot though... cuz the HD kinda emphasized on my oily fringe, eye bag and freckles omg.

But heng there's a Make-Up Mode!


Suddenly, my eyebrows are tamer. No more freckles. Even eye bags look sexy on me wtf!

Fringe also less oily and more... glowy. No wonder this is my favourite function of the lot, hehe.


I've been using the camera for only 3 days so far, so do give me some time while I explore other functions. They've got this Motion Shutter function that all you need to do, is to wave at a certain area and they will snap!

Here's a crazy one we took while waiting for our food to come at Nando's. More on this in the next review ok? :D

In the meantime, you can log on to Facebook to win yourselves a TR150 too!

Step 1: Go to Casio Exilim's Facebook Page
Step 2: Click on the You Wish! Tab
Step 3: Tell the Casio Genie why you should win the TR150, in less than 250 words. If you upload a photo with your wish, you will stand a higher chance in winning.

Contest period: 9 April to 22 April. Good luck!

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  1. OMG. I want to have one too!! I don't like bringing DSLR with me so I think this is the best replacement!


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