New Crocs, New You - Fashion Show 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Last weekend, I was invited to the Crocs Fashion Show at Vivocity. It was pretty fun because, believe it or not, it was probably my first fashion show I've ever attended!

I was really looking forward to the show because I want to see the new releases from Crocs. These days, Crocs don't just look like, well, ugly crocodiles.


In fact, they have released so many fashion-forward designs, I can't peel my eyes off them!

All seated, with cameras ready to snap-snap-snap! Can you spot me?

Okay, maybe now you can. I look like I've a really bulbous nose in here wtf. D:

Anyway! The focus today is not about me - but on the new designs that Crocs have!

I was really surprised when Mint stepped onto the runway with her very familiar and bubbly, "Hello Everyone!" I was like, "OMG WTF it's Mint!"

Anyway, Mint is with Kovit, a very established stylist. Even he is impressed with the new range of Crocs!

Win $6000 worth of shopping vouchers and a makeover session with Kovit

Fashionistas should be excited because there is a chance to win $6000 shopping vouchers with him for a super makeover.

It's very easy to take part too, just go to the New Crocs New You website and tell the good people from Crocs why you deserve to win this makeover. Don't be too lengthy, just about 500 words will do!

I think I'm going to take part also, because if my friends were to vote for me (and if I happen to have the most number of votes), I can bring a friend for a ROUND TRIP WITH ACCOMODATION in a city of my choice leh!

Terms & Conditions apply


Okay, sorry I digressed.

Here are the models with Crocs shoes!

Nat Ho look-alike strides out with a very pretty pair. Never knew red sneakers can be paired this way!

You can also have a matching pair with your other half! So sweet. :)

Contemplated getting this pair of sandals when I redeemed my Melbourne Short Vamp. The buckle looks so nice on my ankles you know!

I tried pulling the same fashion style as this model with my new Crocs also, hahahaha. But don't puke please.

Ok, bad lighting and maybe bad figure as well LOLOL.

Took another one this morning!

Here's my new pair of Crocs! Like I said earlier, I had a huuuuuuge difficulty selecting only ONE pair of Crocs from the entire range. Just the colours alone, I had problems with choosing between the beige, the lighter blue and this navy colour.

I also wanted the Sammilee (which is sold out in Marina Square btw! And not available in Vivocity. Sources told me that they are currently only available in the MBS outlet), the Twentie, the Lily Hello Kitty and the Delores.

I never had so much problems choosing my Crocs back then, when there were lesser varieties. T___T #firstworldproblems

If you're having choosing problems like me too, you can go download the Crocs Mix & Match Mobile app. It is available on both the iPhone and Android!

You can actually use this app to snap a picture of yourself, and then it will help you to match the best pair of Crocs shoes with it! Love such virtual 'try-ons' without having to go down to an actual store to fit. :D

What's more amazing is that if you like the combination that the app gives you, you can buy the very pair through the app too. Convenient or what. :D

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  1. Please bring me along if you win it... LOL
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