Housezilla - getting the hang of being one

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I really don't know which takes up more of my time - planning for our ROM, Chinese wedding, or this little cozy apartment of ours that's coming really, really soon.

Initially, it was Nian who was doing most of the work - reading up on the types of air-con units, hobs and hoods, ovens etc.

I think I took a longer time to "warm up" to this renovation prep, but now, I think I'm almost full gear into it.

And when that happens, everything just comes *like that*. For example, Nian has been asking me what kinda curtains I'd like to have, but I had no answers to it for the past month.

Then suddenly, I KNEW it. I want Roman blinds in the living room, and roller blinds in all the bedrooms. No curtains because I'm never gonna take them down to wash them cuz I'm lazy like that. Besides, blinds are easy to maintain cuz I can vacuum them clean when I vacuum the floor. Efficient housewife gonna-be. :D

I think he's pretty happy too, cuz he can finally go ahead with his more intensive research on the decision without having to bug me again and again. :p

Btw, we even asked for a few quotes & got a few which will cost us lesser than $1000! Now, we will just need to compare the quality.

Wtf I think this post is all about me talking about our new house. You can go browse other websites now kthanks.

We've gotten a good lobang for carpentry works + granite top too, thanks to Kelly, one of my Tuesday girls.

Hob, hood and oven are also settled. We've decided to go for an inner-flame technology that i saw at XY's. Oven, as long as it has a self-cleaning option, lasts for at least 5 years & bakes relatively well, i've no complains.

Air-con, I think we are going for the Mitsubishi's 擦擦这里,抹抹那里,简单极了 the StarMex. Yes, even though I'm not a fan of Jack Neo.

So, we're just left with the furniture, lighting and fans I think. And decide if we should have wallpapers!

I'm not so sure about wallpapers and it's pros and cons though. I think I need to send my husband to go read up on the renotalk forum.

Any feedbacks on wallpapers, anyone?

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  1. I love my roman blinds in the MBR!!! When I on my lights, the metallic sheen can be seen!! Try my curtain guy! 2 sets day and night curtains, one grey roller blinds (yes they have coloured blinds now, no more plain white) plus roman blinds (2 panels, one covering 2 windows, the other covering only one window, so that you can lift only one corner when you feel like it) cost S$1080. If you r going for blinds all the way, def cheaper. Cos curtains are more exp than blinds!

    And omg the rinnai 2cg is bloody good! I can lower the flame so much and it doesn't go off.


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