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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friends on my Facebook would have known this news about a month back... and if you were to stalk me hard enough on my Twitter, you'd also realize that I've been harbouring a suspicious "junior" and a "little one" that some of my friends mentioned, but I never replied.

So today, ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially introducing the new member of our little family. :)

My pregnancy journey thus far

We're about 24 weeks along right now, which is almost the end of the 2nd trimester! Like everyone says, the 2nd tri is the "honeymoon" of pregnancy. *nods head vigorously in agreement*

For my first three months, it was almost like a nightmare.

I had so much morning sickness it should be called all-day sickness instead. I couldn't function because I would vomit after every meal and every journey I take. Once, I had to hold my puke back on a train and before I knew it.... the vomit came bursting through my nose and mouth. Uh-oh.

And who can forget that seemingly bursting bladder that would make me wake up every 3 hours, only to have 3 drops of pee?! #beentheredonethat


I didn't start my pregnancy in a happy note though. When Nian and I first found out that we were pregnant, I fell into this "secretive mom" category. While there were moms who were dying to tell every single person that they are pregnant, I was the exact opposite.

I didn't want anyone to know - except for people whom I trust, of course.

Why? Because I was terrified of how my haters would verbally abuse my baby. 

Days writing this blog and subjecting myself to various comments about how I should lose weight, how ugly and fat I am are perfectly fine for me.

Then when I start to talk about my husband, comments about him being henpecked and all came in. I was mildly shocked - why would someone do that to him? They didn't like me, so why did they verbally attack him too?

And sometimes, my poor mom and dad get the wrath of such people and their merciless words.

But these people that I love are adults. What if these hardcore people find out that I'm having a baby, and in order to hurt me, they lash their unkind words on this little one who hasn't even been born?

So, the best way is to keep it from people whom I know would have nothing good to say. Of course, the most direct way will be to keep this news away from the Internet, where trolls mainly are. There would be no mentions of Baby Tan on Facebook, Twitter and here, until Nian and I are ready.

I think the time has come. :) We are ready to show him to the world as he grows steadily in my expanding tummy.


Now that I've gotten over this barrier, can I say that Nian and I are really thrilled about anticipating his arrival? That's right. His. We're having a baby boy, and we've decided to name him Dylan.

I'm grinning from ear to ear as I'm typing this. :)

I've never felt more amazing, to be honest. At about 6 months now, I can feel SO MUCH of him in my tummy. I can feel him tossing and turning, I can even feel him having hiccups! :D

It started with some fluttering feeling - like how your stomach would growl when you're hungry. And then now, I can feel full-fledged kicks everywhere! Once, Nian was putting his face on my tummy, listening to his son. Without warning, Dylan gave him this powerful whack on his face that had him going, "WA!"


Going on to the last trimester

With only the last 16 weeks to go, we are now beginning to buy some of Dylan's stuff that he'd need. The excited Dad-to-be bought him this whole set of Manchester United rompers (yes, why are we not surprised?) that's kinda too big LOL, complete with super cute booties and a cap.

He's currently eyeing on a baby carrier and a diaper bag that would totally make us look like Ghost Busters. :)

He's due in August btw! I hope he'd come as a timely birthday present for his dad. Wouldn't it be amazing if the two guys at home share the same birthday? :)

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  1. I know it had been tough on you to disclose the secret... But Gd job honey. Baby Tan will definitely feel the love from you... LOL

    1. Hehe. Thanks for always being so supportive, hubba. <3

      Let's hope everyone will be kind to Dylan!

    2. waiting for this post for so long. haa..

      am sure Dylan will have megawatt smile like his parents!! :)

  2. dont worry.. this little warrior in you had fought the battles at work with you when maggie goreng is not around.. fought with you in overcrowded train whenever.. he will be nonchalant to pple splashing sour grape juices at him.. he will grow up healthily and happily and definitely well loved..hope to hear good news of his arrival , and looking forward to see his first colour-ed pictures online too.. JIA YOU jacq

    1. Thank you Jasper! I've to strongly agree with you on the Maggie Goreng part, hehe!

  3. yeaa jac! congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!! xx
    I loveee august babies cos mine is one lol! LOL enjoyy pregnancy love. though i hate it. cos parenthood only gets better!

  5. Congratulations Flowergirl ! Wasnt that your nick from FP days :D I am á silent reader and follow your blog but cant resist posting this. really very happy for u ... Take good care and enjoy all the free time u have with the husband. Once baby dylan is out , he would be a handful !

  6. congrats and dylan is a nice name! can't wait to see baby dylan :D

  7. hi jacqueline, have been reading your blog about yr new hse and upcoming bundle of joy. jus wondering if you do a pre-preggy check up at hospital?

    1. Hello!

      I didn't do a pre-preggy check-up, but during the pregnancy, quite a bit of things were checked, like Hepatitis, HIV etc.

      If you're worried, I think you can go on to any hospitals to do a check-up. They are quite affordable these days! :)


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