So we tried doing interesting stuff

Monday, March 19, 2012

Actually, I wanted to keep the "interesting stuff" as a suspense last week. You see, the good people from Nando's actually sent me a package all the way from Portugal (ello! Amigos!), complete with roses, a really cute napkin and an invitation to try out their Cataplana dishes.

(Thought I look pretty presentable in this picture so I might as well post it up since it's relevant hahahaha)

But, like any OL who spends a lot of time in the office, I leave a lot of things there as well. So uh, I forgot to bring my invitation home. No invitation card means no free Cataplana dishes for Nian and I.

So we spent our weekend back to doing mundane stuff again. -____-

Haha no la! It was a lil bit less exciting without being able to try out a new dish, but we spent the weekend out eating lots of food anyway.

Like, we went to Changi City Point for Ichiban Sushi, and then we went Chomp Chomp for dinner. :D

It was fun, because most of the time we settle dinner like somewhere near our place, which is beginning to bore the hell out of me.

We tried this new stall this time because we wanted the empty seat in front of them, and they were touting really agressively. Usually, we will eat from Lucy. (Yes, shop name's Lucy lolwtf)

Turns out, it was very delicious! Much delicious than our usual store I must say. :D The sotong serving was really generous, and very, very tasty.

But please let me reserve all my praises for this humble plate of kang kong. The balachan that was used, OMGGGGGGG. So nice! And it doesn't taste 'sandy', if you get what I mean.

Wanted to bring Nian for ice cream at Ice3, but because we wolfed down all these, too full already wtf.

Here! That's the stall, Boon Tat Street Barbeque.

Then uh, I think this was really interesting.

I played around with some programmes and I did up a 2D and 3D image of our house. I'm not sure if it's fun for you to read on, but it was sure as hell fun for me inserting all the beds and TVs and what not. :P

From the above, I translated to...

Cheng cheng!!!

Had a super fun time playing with the layout and taking down all the measurements. In fact, I think I may have some space to put in a photo corner, where I can FINALLY buy a ring light, camera tripod + remote, and take LOADS of pictures!

I think the only problem we are going to face is to decide where the hell are we gonna put our dining table. As you can see, I've placed the table right in front of my kitchen walkway. Which is probably gonna be a wtf-moment in real life. Wish we can move the bomb shelter around instead!

And what's more amazing is that I can actually make this whole thing 3D. O.O

So far, I think my favourite part of the house is the kitchen. And then maybe our master bedroom! But I think our bedroom is so teeny weeny, there is simply no space for both a TV and a wardrobe. Like... If I were to place my wardrobe like where I placed it in my sketch, we would have to squeeze past the corners to get to the bed wtflol.

Ok entry abruptly ending here cuz I wanna go back and play with this nonsense.


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  1. hi, can i know what software you are using for the 2d - 3D drawing?

  2. Hey, perhaps you could try getting the architect to do a build-in closet and leave a space in the closet for the tv. Not to sure if you get what I mean but it certainly saves a lot of space just that your TV gets hidden in the closet and you'd have to open the closet when you wanna watch it!

    1. OMG! That sounds brilliant, reminds me of some setups in hotels!

      With that, I'm just worried about how the wiring will go. But that's definitely a good suggestion that we can keep in mind! Thanks!!! :D

  3. All nicely planned out... nice !! ^^


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