So, here comes the third buy for the new home

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Previously, I blogged about our first buy for the apartment. Actually, I was wrong. Our actual first buy for the apartment was actually a Sony Bravia Smart TV that we snugged for $1,299 at some Courts clearance sale in Expo.

It was almost a bang-head moment when just that very night, Nian went to the Harvey Norman store nearby our current place, and saw the same TV going for $999. -___-

What kinda "Lowest Price Guarantee" is Courts giving wtf? Clearance some more! Plus, we got it cuz their sickening salesman told us that the prices for Sony is pretty fixed - we won't find much difference between different places.


Turns out, we cannot refund our more expensive TV cuz those Harvey were selling was limited sets. And Courts obviously doesn't cover these "limited sets" under their guarantee.


I think the only positive side I see from this silly experience, is that we can pay by installment. Which, I guess isn't too bad. But you bet we won't go back to Courts for anymore big ticket items, if we're not going by installments!


Anyways, I'm really excited for our third buy, because it's something that I've been wanting, but didn't get it cuz it was too ex.

We bought the Airfryer, finally! :D :D :D

Nian has been really hardworking to be trawling the web for our renovations, and by some sheer luck, someone was selling a first-hand Airfryer at $299, inclusive of delivery!

To be honest, apart from the fact that I can fry things without oil (notice the "healthy-living" appliances we've been buying? LOL there's not gonna be anything that will have too much oil. My kids will be fat-free!), I don't know anything else about this machine.

Heck, some people even told me that the fries tasted very dry, simply because there was no oil involved.

So I went to ask my best friend, Google. And then I got an outburst of excitement because I saw so many people cooking so many wonderful things!

Like Salmon Croquettes. Oh-my-god. I need the recipes for these delicious bits!

Picture taken from

And then the whole list of things I can whip up with the recipes that comes along with it:

Risotto Balls, Spicy Drumstick (gotta decide if I wanna use the airfryer or my Happy Call Pan for this one!), Fish and Chips and even Chocolate Brownies. (Recipes here!)

This weekend, we will be spending the time securing some other buys, mostly for the kitchen as well. Nian has shortlisted a range of hobs and hoods for me, so we will be going down to look-see and finally decide or something.

We are settling on a Mitsubishi refrigerator as well, with a budget of $1000. We've set aside $30,000 for our renovation + furniture + appliances, so I'm really crossing my fingers that we can stick to it as much as possible!

P.S. We're still waiting for our keys, but we're expecting it in less than a month's time. OHMIGAWD EXCITES!

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