My first buy for our new apartment

Monday, March 05, 2012

I'm not sure if you guys follow my updates on my new house, but HDB has just updated our status and we would be getting our keys in the 2nd quarter of the year, i.e. any time from now till June!

My God, you guys don't know how happy we are. I mean, our apartment isn't huge, but it definitely beats the bedroom we are having currently in terms of storage space! Nian has very graciously taken over the task of doing up our place - where the wardrobes would be, the TV shelf, and the cooking station inside my miniscule kitchen that is MINE.

So there's really nothing much for me to do - except for looking at random things for our the new house. And.... I bought it.

I bought a freaking Happy Call Pan, after getting influenced by all my aunty-friends HAHAHAHAHA!

This pan is really cool I tell you. I've seen people cooking everything and anything with it. Like freaking Hotplate Tofu

Ellena's recipe on Hotplate Tofu

and Claypot rice WTFFFFFFF

AND I CAN ACTUALLY BAKE WITH IT. What kinda scorcery is this I don't even?????????!!???!!??

And a bit more googling actually gives me a fucking recipe for a apple-upside-down cake that I would probably never be able to accomplish without a proper baking oven.

So, I am really super duper mother-excited about the arrival of my pan - even though my very own kitchen probably won't be ready until August. Just. Imagine. The amount of evil stuff I can cook with with this happy pan!!!!!!!!!!!111111

I'm sure the reason why it's called a Happy pan because it makes all aunty-wannabes like me happy. WTF I WON'T EVEN NEED A PROPER FRYING PAN ANYMORE.

You want eggs, baby?


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  1. Lol I saw this ad on TV and swore I'm gonna buy it too! hahaha

  2. Wowow! Jacqualine! You bought this HCP too!!!!! Welcome to the club soon you will be able to cook/bake like prof :) Since we stay near near I can help to do live demo if you want :p Ya, thanks for the mentioned too :) Have a great week


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