Thursday, March 01, 2012

Here are some pictures of our apartment! We haven't got the keys yet, but the contractors allowed residents to go into the completed flats to take a look. HDB has just updated yesterday (5 Mar) that we will be getting our keys at the end of May. YAY!

At this speed, we should be able to move in by August. Hopefully we can celebrate our birthdays in our new humble abode! :D

I was a bit disappointed when I saw the living room actually, cuz it looks really small. Initially, we had plans to put a daybed along the window area, but now that we see, the windows go really low (which is a blessing in disguise so that the place won't look so dark) so I don't think the daybed idea is gonna be nice. :\

But on a brighter note, I really like the timber skirting! It makes the whole place feel like a condominium LOLwtf. Plus, I think the walls are really nicely painted.

This is the main door, with the left side (when we enter) the bomb shelter and the right side towards the kitchen. I think the bomb shelter door looks so out of the way!

The kitchen looks okay, I'm very excited about my square-shaped kitchen that Nian and I have decided! No colour concept yet because we want to consult a geomancer on that.

The service yard will take our washing machine, dryer, clothes baskets and I think that will be where our cats will roam.

There are no windows nor grilles in the service yard though, that would mean some budget would have to be taken out to fix on that.

There's a pull-in door from the service yard. Not sure if we're gonna keep this (and the window) cuz it does seem a little squeezy to be bringing clothes in from such a small space! But then again, it would be useful if we wanna keep the cats out of the way when there are guests. Koko tend to over-react and think all male guests are robbers LOL.

Oh god I hate the tiles in the MBR toilet lolol. That brown is just... ew. Good thing is, the master bedroom is about the same size as the living room.

I can't wait for the reno to start!!

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