Because I haven't been doing anything much

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes, that is the sole reason why I haven't been blogging.

I mean, I am not terribly busy.

It is just, well, my life has not been very interesting lately. LOL.

Spending time at home with the family

I get most of my job-related work done before the end of the day every single day. I get home by 7PM and I either eat out with Nian, or I eat in with the Tan's when Mama Tan cooks.

I then play with my nephew every single day after work. And then I watch Unriddle 2 when he falls asleep.

He's growing to be really cute these few months. He responds when I call him, and he smiles at me with the above cheeky smile when I reach home. And at almost 5 months old now, he knew how to flip onto his tummy!

Makes me giggle every time he does that. The thing is, he doesn't really know how to flip back, onto his back. So he kinda gets stuck in this position and then wail for help when he gets tired. LOLOLOL.

So basically, if he's around at home, I tend to stay at home because I can play with him the WHOOOOLE day.

Then on weekends, I go back to the Chan's to hang out with my Papa and Mama Chan. Mama Chan will make Nian and I delicious dinner, and then we will sit around and gossip and talk. Which is pretty satisfying for me too.

So despite the mundane lifestyle, I am pretty much happy and at peace. Like there's nowhere I wanna be more than at home, with my family. Not in a crab restaurant that serves delicious crabs, not in my usual manicure parlour doing new gel nails, not even in the cinema watching, I don't know, John Carter.

I haven't watched a movie for the past 2 months I think. But I'm happy.

Work shit

Another reason why I haven't been blogging is because I've been getting really emotional at work these days. Not sure if it's some whacky hormones acting up, but 6 months into this job, Maggie Goreng girl's MC+leave is finally getting raw on my nerves. Like I can be so angry with her I HAVE to punch the table to release the inner pent in me when I get the news that she's yet on another MC again.

I think the very reason why I get really annoyed with her constant absence is cuz I have to cover her work for her. Which sucks, because I have my own work to do, and then I have to do her work. In fact, I cannot help but to think that she actually plans her MCs because the day before she would have everything settled for everyone else to follow up. I'd hear her chirping happily on the phone and/or playing games on her iPhone one day, then suddenly she's down with high fever that doesn't recede with Panadol the next, wtf.

I was also annoyed with colleague #2 recently, because she went ahead to share my "happy" news with Maggie Goreng girl without my permission. When I specifically told her not to. She went ahead anyway.

I mean, true that it is a happy news, but WTF it doesn't mean that everyone should know about the news? And it's my news to begin with, so what gives her the right to share my news with everyone else? Without my permission some more?

The last straw was that she was not even apologetic about it.

Officially lost faith in these colleagues I don't even...

I'm over these incidents already, which is why I can sit down and calmly talk about it without flaring up again. In fact, I had to talk to Nian, XY, Raymond, my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law, before I FINALLY got over it.

What a whole lot of energy wasted man. But thinking on the positive side, I'm glad that everything else at work is working out fine! At least it didn't affect what I'm paid to do. :)


XY, Amanda and the new house

My god-sis' apartment was finally renovated and cleaned, so I spent the entire Saturday at her place! She had this mega wardrobe that I was so... awed. And I lazed around the living room, on her new sofa, lounging with her baby.

Amanda can do super a lot of multi-shots at one go and you'll realize that every, single, picture, she would be looking at the camera and smiling.

What kind of scorcery is this!?! What kind of training has she been through!?

Again, nothing much to my trip to their new place, but it makes me happy and complete. :)


New iPhone casings

I had 2 casings (also Hello Kitty) that Nian bought for me, even before I bought my 4s. Then, I complained that one, with a flip cover, is too troublesome because I cannot take photos of myself with the back-camera (LOL). So I changed to another one that had a mega Kitty head and protruding whiskers.

But I complained again because the whiskers will break over time, and it kept poking into my palm when I use it!

So like my good husband would do, he promptly ordered another two for me. And this time, my only complain is that I love the two of them so much, I cannot decide which one to use. -___-

Yeah. My life has been pretty mundane and boring, but it is really filled with loads of happy things that I am very, very contented about.

Maybe this weekend we will try to venture out and do something more interesting. Maybe! :P

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