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Monday, February 13, 2012

If you haven't bought this week's UW, maybe you should! There're a couple of good looking Korean groups featured, like SuJu & Beast.

But of course, another the main reason is that UW actually featured Nian & I on their Valentine's Day special. Hehehe.

My expression was totally taken out of context - it was really sunny la, that's why! :P

About a fortnight ago, Nian and I met up with Jinhua, the reporter from UW for a small shoot around one of our favourite dating place - Keppel Bay. I'm still thankful that an online friend, Jasmine, introduced the place to me yearsss back. Wouldn't have found out this sweet place on my own!

It was a really fun and casual shoot. Nian and I mostly talked nonsense, and then joked around and almost died while we walked from one end of Keppel Bay down to the other side of the boardwalk, where they just opened.

Next time, maybe I'll suggest sitting down in the shade eating picnic lunches. Like that also quite romantic right! :P (not so physically straining also LOL)

Jin then asked us to give couples tips, on how to stay loving in a relationship. Ohmaigot. It's really not easy dishing out advices for general people because different strokes for different folks, right? But at least for us, here are some things that we try to practice daily in our lives:

1. You're not always right
I think a lot of arguments stem from one party insisting their point, and then another party insisting his point. And then 公说公有理,婆说婆有理 then in the end, you get angry, he gets angry, and nothing is solved.

For Nian and I, we usually hear out what we wanna say (even though sometimes the husband gets a bit impatient because I tend to explain very slowly - job hazard of a tutor wtf), and then we think about it. We're sure each of us has got a valid point to prove, since we didn't marry an unreasonable person!

No, this is not him dropping me. It's him trying to carry me up LOL.
2. Stop talking about past arguments
Oh God, I really hate this. I know how guys always say that girls have such amazing memories, they would dish out the "But last time you said...!" "Remember the last time you did that too?"
I think if the argument is over, it is over for good. Come to a conclusion and settle it. Don't dig up something that happened a few days/months/years back and then argue all over again.

3. Stop insisting
Especially when your other half is angry (even for no reason), stop insisting that he/she should snap out of it. Or insist that they are wrong and therefore shouldn't be angry. Don't. Because I know that if you do that to me, I'll punch your face.

Let the other party simmer down gradually, and then try to talk about the issue some other time. Usually, a discussion will turn out to be better when both parties are not angry or upset with one another.

Ok, enough advices for a Monday like this! Just remember, in order to keep a relationship going, it takes a lot of communication, interaction, love and trust.

It's definitely not easy, which is why all of us should treasure a compatible relationship because you can't actually get along perfectly with anyone you meet. :P

So how are the pictures!?!? :D

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  1. the last photo looks like u guys are advertising for the condo! but the condo is very nice, where isit har?

  2. ops, ok the main thing is.... u guys very sweet couple lah! haha

  3. Haha! It's the Caribbean condo at keppel!


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