Our Valentine's Day Love Story

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This post is purely inspired by STOMP and their Valentine's Day Love Story. So I decided to write ours.

I've actually written a post like this before, but this time, it is not just about how we met. Rather, it was more of... how two persons come together.

Nian and I met at the old Butterfactory at Robertson Quay. At that time, I was freshly out from my previous relationship, and was mostly drifting in between the notion of "I must move on! Let's go meet new people!" and "Maybe I won't get a good chance at love" kinda self-pity.

For Nian, he had been single for quite a while, but according to him, the night when we met was the day that he decided to move on from his previous relationship. Hence the decision on making the trip with his brother and friends to the club lol.

Regardless, every time I look back now, I marvel at how fate plays its own mysterious ways of bringing two emotionally torn people together in the most loveless place ever - in a club.

The trip to Butterfactory was honestly a matchmaking attempt by our common friend, David. Another girl friend was supposed to be there as well, but she backed out last minute, leaving me the only girl going to meet the other guys. Thankfully, it was just Nian and his brother that David wanted to introduce!

Before I got into the club, I remembered mentally preparing myself. Whether I do end up getting matchmade or not, I was determined to enjoy myself and to make more friends because hey! I was single and ready to mingle!


We headed into the club and was promptly introduced to Nian and my brother-in-law, Leong. I liked Nian immediately, but my first worry was...

What if he is way younger than me? 

On hindsight, I don't think it would have mattered lah, I am 5 days younger than him yet I get questions like "Are you his elder sister?" before wtf. -_-

Anyway, it was a matter of life-and-death to me back then, apparently! So the first question I asked was... "So how old are you now?"

He replied, "23"

I had to reconfirm, "Oh, are you born in 1985 as well?"


OK THAT'S GREAT. I won't have to be older than him, yay!

We hit off right away and this was our first photo together!
Even though we were in a club with thumping music, I actually thought we had a great conversation going, except some awkward moments that I didn't really know how to respond. Here are some snippets from my memory:

Me: "Hey! So what do you do?"
Him: "Oh, I'm in the SAF."

Me: (thinking in my head) "Huh SAF AGAIN WTF."

(Background story: my ex-boyfriend was an Army regular as well and let's just say that we didn't end off well, and his occupation kinda played a part in the break-up, so I wasn't really keen on dating someone from the same profession so soon.)

Him: "What about you?"
Me: "Oh, I teach. But recently I went for an interview at SIA!"
Him: "Really? My ex is a air-stewardess."
Me: "Oh really? Erm... ok."

(I didn't really care what his ex-gf was doing, to be honest. LOL)

The night continued on, while we chatted, we hung out with our friends as well over drinks and silly jokes. Nian isn't a good drinker so by midnight, he was pretty much maxed out in his alcohol limit.

They say alcohol makes you do silly things - sometimes, I think it gives you a certain courage as well? That night, Nian told me, "I like you very much!"

I've really never had guys telling me that they "like me very much", much less to say it in my face on the first day we met! We exchanged our numbers and by some wee hours in the morning, I went home, all buzzed out from the alcohol I've drank and a new "love" that I've found.


Part 2 - Will he call?

The next morning, I woke up feeling hopeful that he would call or text me, but I waited for the entire day with absolutely no news from him at all!

I was thinking.. he had probably realised he wasn't that interested and decided to just, you know, "let it go", so the initial excitement in me kinda died down a little bit.


Stag here had spent the entire day acquiring his new (old, 2nd hand) Scrambler from his friend, rode down for soccer and when he was finally done for the day, he decided to call me out for dinner. He then promised to pick me up at my place, only to get lost and I had no idea where he was.

The first date was at a coffee shop at Yishun and he really wanted to buy me duck rice, but I don't eat duck!  Subsequently, we hung out every day like an overly-attached couple. I still am overly-attached to him now, I promise that didn't change, haha.

Happy Valentine's Day, my husband, my better half, my companion and my partner-in-crime. Because of the day we met at Butterfactory, my life was never the same again. And thank you for always walking beside me, making sure that I am never lonely or deserted anymore.


Edited in 2016:

The Chill Mom

8 years has since passed, from the day we met! I updated this portion to join a Blog Train - How I Met Your Father, hosted by Michelle. The both of us have been officially outnumbered by our brood, with the arrival of our #3 in March 2016.

Click on the image above to follow the blog train to read about other mummy bloggers' exciting dating stories!

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  1. love your love story :) happy Valentine's day xox

  2. Can't help but to smile at your post! You both are so sweet! Happy Valentine Day and please 白頭偕老! :)

  3. You both are such a beautiful couple! If only we had chanced on your page earlier, we would love to feature you as our Valentine's Day Couple! We simply love your blog Jacqualine! Cheers from WardrobeTrendsFashion.com(WTF) - Singapore Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

  4. How come you never get into SIA? just curious :)

  5. Happy Valentine's day babe.. =)
    glad things are lovely! ^^

  6. Haha.. You all are so HAPPENING!! Meeting in a club and confession over alcohool... That was fun to read. :)

    1. Those were the days! Now, I can't even hold a can of beer without getting drunk. Haha! Age is catching up.

  7. "Regardless, every time I look back now, I marvel at how fate plays its own mysterious ways of bringing two emotionally torn people together" - Omg! Exactly my sentiment! Wait till you read my story. Haha!

  8. I saw the photo before reading the words and thought it was taken after you guys have been together for a while, so lovey dovey! Both of you looked so happy tgt lah, such sweet smiles on your faces :D And no wonder Lin Ying commented on my post that our setting is so similar hahahaha!

  9. Wow, so nice to look back and relive those memories! With kids and all, different set of memories we create on valentines.

  10. What a candid recount of how you guys got together. I lol'ed at him taking you to eat duck rice on the first date (?). Too funny!

  11. Lovely post and the pictures tell it all... Blissfulness😍

  12. wow that 1st photo looks soooooo hot! :D V sweet love story of how you met your hubby!

  13. It is so amazing to revive these moments and feeling good how we have started.Happy Valentine babe!

  14. You definitely don't look older than your hubby ~.^


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