[Adv] CP Biggest Eater - Grand Finals

Friday, February 17, 2012

Remember about 4 months back, I blogged about CP Biggest Eater that was held at Orchard Central?

That time, the defending champion Ng Chin Sheng raced past the rest of the eaters and clinched top place by eating 92 wontons in 5 minutes for the hits.

Subsequently, he also won the biggest eater (yet again) in the finals, and he represented Singapore to Bangkok for the Grand Finals!

What was amazing was that at the Grand Finals held in Parc Paragon, Ng Chin Sheng actually swallowed 161 wontons in 8 minutes, throwing Chotiwit Niwatdechbordin from Bangkok behind with 16 more wontons.

161 wontons in 8 minutes is equivalent to freaking 20 wontons per minute by the way! He also had quite an improvement from his previous attempts in the heats and Singapore Finals (Taking 92 divided by 5, he ate 18 wontons per minute then).

If it was me, I'd probably never finish 18 wontons in any given time. -__-

And I also wonder how many boxes of CP Shrimp Wontons to practice on every day. D:

Joey Chestnut, World's #1 competitive eater, was there for a feature match too. He was like the great white shark, smashing his previous record to set a freaking 390 wontons record in 8 minutes! That's like 48 wontons in 1 minute!

And 48 wontons are like 4 BOXES of CP Shrimp wontons ok?! In 1 minute! How!?!?

If you think big eating are for the guys, you're wrong too. The ladies were also awesome in their performances, with Singapore's Helen Tan stuffing down 125 wontons!

Sonya Thomas, #1 Competitive Eater in the female category and #5 Biggest Eater worldwide, defeated Juliet Lee, #2 Female Competitive Eater and broke the previous female wonton eating record set by Juliet, with 231 wontons.

 Biggest question of the day: Why are they still so skinny!?!?


So, anyone keen on the NEXT CP Biggest Eater? Can win big money you know. The winner walked away with USD3000 as the final prize!

I think Imma go try practice now. Maybe next year I'll have a chance! :P

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  1. Hi noticed your writeup on the cp eating competition. Thought just to let u know that the winner's name is "chin sheng" and not "chin seng" instead. Thanks.

  2. Oops! Sorry that I got his name wrong! I've already changed it, thanks!! :D

  3. Thanks ! Maybe perhaps u could update the previous blog as well too. Haha. Cause I am a supporter lol.


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