CNY 2012 in Pictures

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chinese New Year Eve

Went to Nian's Grandma place for reunion dinner, ate home-fried keropok, drank plenty of fish maw seafood soup.. and played mahjong.

Won $200!

Headed to my grandma's place for second round of reunion dinner, feasted solely on Mama Chan's super chicken wings while catching up with the cousins.

Came back home to prepare our first ever angbao giving Chinese New Year.

Among all the angbao packets I got from my office, I like the DBS boy angbao packets the most! There's also a girl one, but dragons and boys seem to go well together wtflol.

This dude got our first angbao! (And yes, I share my soft toys with him lol) He's quite a funny dude by the way. Recently, he learned how to talk baby-talk and he would wake up in the middle of the night talking. O.O

I think he's like his 舅母 (i.e. me). Very talkative LOL.

We also won Toto ok.

No I was kidding. I took this off a friend's facebook cuz apparently his friend won lor! Lucky bastard. (Says a jealous woman who didn't win)

Chinese New Year Day 1

Hubba went the retro look:
Checkered shirt: H&M, 
Pants: Giordano
Loafers: Pedro

He even topped it up with a pair of suspenders.... SO CUTE!

I wore this lacy cheongsam that I bought online for $18 only LOL. This picture is so unflattering wtf. So grainy even though it's from the same camera! Let me blame it on the lighting. (Y)

Credit Suisse officially gives the nicest angbao packets.

We proceeded to chill at my granny's place, then Nian's granny's place and then that was it. Simplest first day ever LOL.

Won $150 in mahjong!

Chinese New Year Day 2

Only my outfit of the day because Nian gave up dressing up liao LOL.

Visited Nian's paternal grandparents and dug up Nian's baby photos to laugh at.

Left is my husband, and right is Leong! I know right. How cute can the brothers be?!?

Plus, they look so cheeky wtf. :D

Here's another one featuring our cousin (left) and Nian. WHY HE SO EXPRESSIVE ONE! :D :D :D

Then we went to Nian's aunt's place for Blackjack and Mahjong.

All the babies all so cute one wtf. T____T

Lost like $200 at Blackjack and Mahjong LOLOL.

Chinese New Year Day 3

Everybody started work but the whole gang of us went for KLunch instead!

Sang a million Jay Chou songs, ate some pretty yummy Thai Sweet and Spicy Chicken from their lunch set, and then went on to watch Viral Factor!

It was a really, really good show. Yes, coming from a Jay Chou fan. LOL.

Nicholas Tse acted really well and I loved ALL of the action scenes...! Who says Jay Chou can't act has to watch this show! (And if you still say he can't act, you're blind wtflol)

I think I can watch this movie another three more times... except that I don't really like the ending.

To be fair, the ending is logical and rather fair, but coming from a Jay Chou fan... All you can hear in my head is a, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!"

Not a spoiler if I'm not revealing anything right? :P

And why is there no Jay Chou's theme song for this movie!!!!

Papa Chan struck 4D and we went Boon Tong Kee for family dinner! Sissy #2 also got a good treat cuz we were celebrating her birthday in advance. :D

Chinese New Year Day 4

Ohai, I still didn't need to work HAHAHA.

We went Ikea for brunch and furniture-looking. I mean, where else has better ideas than Ikea?

Then we went to 拜太岁before meeting the cutesy nieces for tea time.

Nicole is so cute. And my husband's nose so sharp. T___T *tears at all the beautiful things*

I can be sure that he can manage 2 kids, no problem.

Ok that's all the end. LOLOL.

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