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Saturday, February 25, 2012

So we went Bali!

Actually, before we headed to Bali, Nian and I were contemplating to go Manila, Cambodia or Penang. You see, when we had our wedding, one of the perks was a 2-night free stay at their sister hotels in several selected countries!

Some of the hotels that we can choose from were Park Royal KL, Park Royal Penang, Park Royal Saigon, Pan Pacific Jarkata, Pan Pac KLIA, Pan Pac Manila and Pan Pac Nirwana Bali.

Haiya, so many nice places but no time/money to go to all!

But in the end, Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali was our choice. :)

It's a superbly nice place! Facing the Indian Ocean, it was just a never-ending sea to the end of the world.

We settled for our first meal in Bali at the airport because we were soooo hungry. I loved the Nasi Goreng! Very deliciously fried, coupled with a sunny side up and a generous serving of keropok, it was enough to feed both Nian and I.

I also wolfed down a bowl of ice-cream after the meal, hehehe.

Nasi Goreng Rp 28,000, Ice-cream Rp 21,000. Total SGD$9.30.

Depot Mi Jus
Bandara Ngurah Rai Badung

Ok, story time!

After lunch, Nian and I had to look for transport to bring us to our hotel. Unlike Bangkok, the only transportation suitable for a tourist who don't really know the place, is probably a taxi. There were no skytrains, and we don't even see buses around hahaha wtf.

So we went around asking for quotes. Our hotel pick-up was there as well, and he quoted us Rp 320,000 (which is like SGD$46) for a 1.5 hour ride. Then we went around asking this taxi driver who came up to us. He had the cheek to ask for Rp 450,000!!!

That's like SGD$64 for a 60km ride. More expensive than our Comfort cab you know! (I actually came back to calculate how much it'd cost if it was Comfort charging us - it came up to about $40)

So we kinda told him to eat shit and die.

Walking on, we realized that there was this mega queue outside this particular taxi counter. So our Singaporean instinct told us that when there's a long queue, it must be good stuff. And it was! We only paid Rp 190,000 ($27) for our 60km trip.

We became smarter over the 4 days. On our last day to the airport, we took a free hotel shuttle (1hr 15mins) to a nearby shopping mall, then got onto a cab to head straight to the airport (15 mins). We only spent Rp 15,000 ($2) wtf.

Anyway, room pictures!!!

Very beautiful room in real life. Both Nian and I had our breaths taken away when we stepped in!

The see-through toilet with very nice bath tub and shower behind the door.

The TV area where we spent the nights watching movies after movies. :D

The lush greenery that welcomes us when we open our door. Sometimes, we see squirrels running up and down the trees!

Only couple picture of us for the entire trip LOL.

Explored the ginormous place after a hearty nap. There were 3 pools in the pool area, and all of them face the sea!

Our hotel sits on a cliff, while looking below, you see the mighty waves of the Indian Ocean crashing on the rocks. So quiet yet so haunting. :)

There were also little huts for couples who opt for massage by the sea!

Wanted to sit on the ledge but scared that I may fall over and die wtf.

There's another type of hut where you can lie down with your other half, eat junk food and enjoy the sea breeze. Free and open for all. Nice right!

Our hotel is at the western part of Bali, at Tanah Lot. There's this very popular temple there that many devotees go to.

Nian discovered a little walk way...

And it actually leads to a super steep cliff!

Too steep for me to go down already. But, there are a few people who made it down and they were fishing!

Strolled out of our hotel compound and came to this little village with loads of eateries. You can even opt to sit by the cliff to watch the sunset while you eat!

Then there's a procession going on at the temple. It was so crowded!

Meanwhile, the sun sets across the horizon into a little orange dot.

Ventured further into the village and found a popular stall selling grilled corn!

For Rp 6,000 ($0.90), the corn will be grilled and then coated with milk and cheese. It smelled heavenly.

You can also hear the corn kernels popping while the heat was on them!

My husband wery happy with the corn. :D

Ended Day 1 with a cheapo dinner (Rp 18,000 only! That's like $2 wtf) for Nian and I. :D

Outfit of the day! Midi skirt with compliments from Hocuspocusing.

Mega dining area for our breakfast!

Wish that the spread has more variety though. Nian and I had like the same thing (albeit the fried rice was different) for 3 days straight. O.O

Story time again!

Ok, so here's where we sit - right beside the pond, where there were many many big and small fishes swimming around, waiting for us to throw food in to feed them.

Not a very flattering picture but need to show anyway so that you guys can have a better picture LOL.

So I saw a lizard swimming in the pond and was shocked because being a city girl, I never knew lizards can swim. #truestory

I thought a swimming lizard must be either:

1) feeling hot (that's why he went for a dip) or
2) he was hungry

so I threw in a piece of pancake into the pond, and ALL the fishes just went snapping and ate it up in like. 3 seconds.

Poor lizard was so blur by the time he realized that there was a pancake, it was finished! Feeling sorry for him, I threw in another piece.

THIS time, a little fish was on stand-by mode and grabbed the pancake as soon as it landed in the water. But before I could exclaim its prepardness, the lizard grabbed the fish who grabbed the pancake and scurried up the stones. O___O

So Lizard ain't that dumb afterall. He was probably waiting for the right opportunity to eat the fish AND the pancake. D:

Moving on, we took a shuttle bus (provided free by our hotel) to Seminyak.

The uncle didn't know the way, and so he dropped us at Legian, which is about 6KM away from Seminyak Square, where we wanted to go.

My husband, looking at the map, thought that it was actually a walkable distance.

We walked for like 1 hour, non-stop.


And then my shoes had holes at my soles (which I didn't know wtf), so it was really effing hot when I walk. I told Nian I can take part in Thaipusam when I get back to SG - particularly in fire walking. 

Had Nasi Ayam, which tastes pretty average. I didn't like the taste of the chicken though, but Nian loves the texture cuz it was very chewy.

The satay was very good though! It tastes like chicken kebab!

Then after food, we walked some more.

Happier this time cuz I ditched my holey shoes, and the wet sand is very cooling on my burnt feet. Besides, it was really breezy!

Love, love, love, LOVE how far the beach stretches. Can you see that the water is still coming in, despite the distance? :)

Nian says that every beach in Bali has different types of sand.

The Kuta Beach, for example, is well known for their white, fine sand. (Or so I heard and see)

But for Seminyak Beach, they've got glittery sand! It was crazy. The whole beach was glittering ok.

And then I saw LOADS of tiny crabs, scurrying around their holes! I tried to go nearer to them but they ran away faster than I can get to them... and I was afraid that they might suddenly go berserk and attack me instead.

So we're kinda like afraid of one another wtflol.

New Roxy slippers for SGD$18, with little hearts on the soles! I also have new pedicure for only SGD$16, inclusive of an intensive feet scrub + french tips.

Then we went to our restaurant, which we booked a day in advance, to wait for dinner and the sun to set.

Didn't know what to do cuz we were too early and we had everything else done, so we sat down and drank Lychee Lime slush instead.


Adjourned to our dining area at 5PM, just about time to wait for the sun to set.

Each table has a set of home-made buns as starters, which tasted very fresh! Kinda reminds me of the buns we had in Mezzaluna in Bangkok. Mmmmm.

Because we have rather small appetites, we spent most of the days ordering 1 main and probably a side to share. It is very often just nice for us. So, our main was the Home Made Potato Gnocchi. It is something like a tortillini, except that it is less starchy and more delicious!

This one costs us Rp 139,000 (SGD$20).

Our side was the Calamari Fritti, which is basically calamari strips set on wild rockets topped with balsamic vinegar. This costs us Rp 88,000 (SGD$13).

But here's the priceless part:

Perfect view of the sunset.

Ok, maybe not so perfect. If only it was less cloudy, then it would've been marvellous. But what more can we ask? :)

Here's our silhouette, with dusk behind us.

Outfit of the day - maxi dress that I snagged when we were in Phuket last year. Kinda regret wearing straps for days 3 & 4 because my shoulders were so mother-painful it was so hard to keep the straps on! :(

We took a free shuttle from our hotel to the Galleria DFS and Discovery Mall. Galleria DFS was super disappointing because everything was in USD and too expensive to be duty-free!

Only thing I got from the Galleria DFS was some chocolate and mixed berries gelato (badly scooped some more lol) for SGD$3.

Discovery Mall was much better because there was A&W for us to satisfy more ice-cream cravings! We actualy wolfed down a waffles ice-cream as well, and therefore not seen in picture. Hehehe.

There were also small roadside stalls beside the mall, which was really cool - except that there were SO MUCH touting, we couldn't handle it. Every 5 steps you walk, someone will come up to you to offer you "50% hotel stays" / cheap Rolex / taxi? / hair-braiding / massage wtf.

We walked along further into the quieter streets and found a nice massage place for foot reflexology. My calves were still aching after the long walk the day before! Nian chose a foot scrub + foot massage for the both of us and it costs Rp 63,000, which is about $9 for 1hr and 15mins!

Exhausted, we took the free shuttle back to our hotel and ordered room service for the last night. This was also when I had severe post-holiday blues. I didn't wanna come home so soon!

Day 4 then came. And with much reluctance, I waved our gorgeous hotel room and hotel goodbye while we headed to the airport after breakfast.

Okie. Last story for the trip!

So while we were in airport and wandering around for 2 hours, I got a little peckish so I wanted a small bite. This Coffee & Bakery place is in the departure hall, near gates 1 & 2 - the nearest to our gate, so we decided to snack there.

To our horror, this place turns out to give us the worst service I've ever gotten in Bali / Phuket / Bangkok / Malaysia. Like I can only imagine a PRC giving us a shitty service like this.

What happened was that when we stepped into this little cafe place, the waiter didn't give us any menu. So we sat down, watch him do his thing and *hope* that he will pass us a menu when he is done bustling around. I mean, we had quite a bit of time so we didn't wanna rush him too much.

But after he was done with whatever he was doing, he turned to us and asked us for our orders. So we asked for a menu - which is like duh? How the f will we know what they sell? They didn't even have any menus up on the walls or anything.

He threw the f-ing menu on our table.

So Nian looked at me, and I looked at him. Shrugged, and then looked at the menu. I wanted a chocolate milkshake and a chicken sandwich. He snapped, "Only vanilla and strawberry."

Fine la, so we ordered mineral water instead.

Our sandwich then came, and he gave us an almost empty ketchup bottle:

Something like this. WTF then in 2 squeezes, the bottle was empty! So we asked for another one.

That mofo gave us a similarly empty one, wtf?

So we asked for the THIRD bottle. He snapped again, "Finish!"


WTF open cafe 连 ketchup 都没有?!?

Anyways, we were pissed off after that la. So we didn't ask anything from him anymore. After we paid up, he had the cheek to complain to his colleague that I gave him a face when he didn't have ketchup anymore. And while saying, he kept turning back throwing dirty looks at me.

I wanted to smash my water bottle into his empty head lor!

So ok. End of story. Next time you guys got Bali and coming back, don't dine in this stupid restuarant and get upset for nothing. The food is not even nice, yet it's expensive. Bleahhhh.


However, despite this small hiccup in our Bali trip, it was overall really fun and enjoyable. This is also the first time Nian and I travelled without me making ANY itinerary at all, hahaha!

In fact, I'm thankful that Nian did all of the administrative work - comparing air ticket prices, booking air tickets, planning where to go each day and down to bringing me around with a map when all I did was to complain about the sun and the heat LOL.

Thank you for this trip, husband! <3

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  1. I really do read when it's in such layout. The Summary then click in to read more one doesnt work for me sia. So I guess I'm back reading your posts ahha. U actually felt sorry for the lizard??? LOL

    1. Wa yay to 1 more reader hahahaha!

      Yah, you should see his bewildered expression, like "Eh? Pancake where?" If I had known he was gonna eat the fish, I won't throw in another piece of the pancake lor!

  2. Hmm... been reading through your blog. As a blogger who keep posting your photos online to the whole wide world, don't you think you should improve on your fashion sense (wear what is right for your figure) or perhaps slim down if you want to wear those kind of clothes? Sorry~ I really enjoy reading your blog as the entries are funny though I know many of them are over exaggerated and untrue :)

    1. You sound like I'm wearing rags for a holiday wtf. I don't see anything wrong with my dress sense (don't think I'm fashion-forward so not gonna use the 'fashion' word) - there are no spilling fats anywhere so I don't think I'd need to slim down.

      I think I look perfectly fine, so I'm happy. So you should be happy for me too. :)

      Some of the stories are exaggerated, yes. But I don't tell happenings that didn't happen.

  3. Anonymous, you should just keep the comments to yourself. No one can define what's right and what's wrong. Not you FYI, no one died and left you in charge of 'Fashion'. Super girl should remain who she is and I believe thats the right spirit of a blogger. No need to hide and pretend, unlike you Anon.

    1. Haha thanks a lot for standing up for me! :D


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