Annual D&D 2012

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hello!!! Here's Laien and I and we were the emcees for my company's D&D this year. Hehe.

This is my 2nd D&D, and I must thank my lucky stars that I'm somewhat pretty lucky with D&D lucky draws! Last year, I won a iPod shuffle (which I haven't used it at all LOL) and this year.... I won a freaking LED TV!!

Our theme was supposed to be gold, but I really cannot find a gold dress that is not revealing lor. So I decided to wear black, and then make it up with gold accessories.

Last year, I wore a gold dress for my previous company's D&D. But that made me look fat so I didn't bother trying it on this year... even after losing 8KGs.

This year, I wore Treslovechic's Michelle Keyhole Dress, whom they have generously sponsored me for my photo shoot last year. Still a sexy dress that I love very much. :D

Like I said in my Maggie Goreng post, our company has a very lean team of just over 20 staff and most of them are girls! Which is good, because I don't really like it when there are too many guys in the office. Quite inconvenient sometimes leh.

Btw! Guess which one is Maggie Goreng girl! HEHEHEHE.

Spotted her?

I did my first lou hei with the company... actually this year didn't do much lou heis. Once with the company, another time with the Chan's, and then coming third time with the Tan's before the end of of the month. Ok la, heng enough already, no need to spam on the lou heis right?

I personally prefer lou hei with salmon slices. Some restaurants they use some other fish slices, and they turn out tasting weird. :\ Btw, if you like lou hei right, you should try the Sakae Sushi one! I heard it is very good.

So throughout the night we wined, dined, sang KTV, played games and had lucky draws.

The story about lucky draw

This story, I think I've repeated it to my mother-in-law, my mom & dad, Nian and anyone who is willing to listen like 5 million times. But I still want to tell you all!

You see, when the D&D organizers were planning the prizes, the very kpo me already asked them if they would be buying TV to give away. So, they said, "Yah. First prize!"

So I went, "Wa!! I hope I win first prize then! Not bad leh, new TV for my new house hor?"

Everyone told me there's a chance cuz new-comers always very lucky one, but I don't believe them cuz the first prize last year, was won by my colleague who has been working in my company for 9 years ok!

Anyway, fast forward. They then bought the prizes back to be packed and all.. and I went straight to "chope" my prize. I then touched the TV and went, "Ha!! This one is mine!!!"

And every day for the next 1 week, I said the same thing.

7 days later, nobody really cared about what I said anymore. And worse, some of those evil guys in my company are already starting to pray and hope that I DON'T get it because I wanted the TV so much.


On the day of D&D itself, we then made merry, and drew the 26th to 20th prize. The 26th prize was not bad also, like a hamper of Ferrero Roches and yummy tidbits for you to chomp while at work.

Me, being the emcee,"And the 1st prize (from the last, haha!) goes tooooo....."


As fate would have it like in a Taiwanese episode, the winner turned out to be one of them ROFLMAOLOLOLOL.

So throughout the 26th to 20th prize, everyone was hoping that I don't call their names. But obviously 7 not-so-lucky colleagues got those prizes (which included champagnes, hampers, vouchers.. quite good!).


Then we made merry some more before we announce the 19th to 10th prize, which everyone was so busy hoping that they scrape it through, nobody really cared about me. Oh, there was this guy who was *still* hoping that I get some mid-10s prizes, but he won it himself as soon as he chanted my name.


Finally, we were down to the top 10 prizes. But before that, yet another colleague (a 70-year-old uncle who won the TV last year) approached me. And he said, "Jac, I heard that you want to win the TV very much?"

Me, "Yup! I can use it in my new house!"
Him, "But you do know that I win the TV every time right?" (according to my colleagues, he's a lucky old man)
Me, "Errrr... Yah."
Him, "So do you know what you've to do to win the TV?"
Me, "No, what?"
Him, "You'd have to marry me."

I HAD to burst out laughing. And I told him, "Hmm. I think my luck is better than that."

My god, I love how fast I react to situations like this sometimes. *smug face*

Anyway, by the last 5 prizes, everyone couldn't believe my luck. Like WTF 5th prize liao still haven't tio?!?? My boss even had to hijack the lucky draw box to count the number of name slips to make sure that I wasn't cheating wtfLOL.

Told them my name will appear at the right time, they don't believe me. .__.

The 70-year-old uncle won the 5th prize btw, which further increased my chances to 25% by then.

So fast forward to the third prize. I was almost pissing in my dress. All I could think of was, "Noooooo, not my name. Not my name. I'm TOO CLOSE to winning the TV!!"

And then I rolled open the slip and it says, "Cynthia"

I had to scream her name into the microphone because I was so happy for myself!

So there's no point in going for the 2nd prize anymore. Everyone wants to know who the grand winner is. So my boss started shaking the box. Like how you go to the temple and ask for a divination lot and the first one that drops out is your fate.

My mind was in a whirl. I was like, "OMFG PLEASE LET ME WIN THE TV!!!!!!!!!!!1111111"

And then the "lot" fell out. Just as I was rushing to pick up the supposedly winning piece, my boss announced, "Let's choose this one that remained in the box!"

I felt totally mindfucked. I hope I didn't jinx the divination process and have me ended up winning the 2nd prize wtfffffffffffffffff!!!

And my boss refused to let me see the winning name. He rolled it open (it was rolled like a cigarette), from the back. Looked up, smiled at me, and asked, "What's the last alphabet of your surname?"

So I went, "CHAN! N! N! IS THAT AN 'N'?!?!"

My boss took in a breath and exclaimed, "Goodness. You ARE really the winner."

The rest is history. I broke out into a congratulatory dance that I never knew, while the rest just stared at me, wondering how the fuck can I be so lucky. I KNOW RIGHT? I mean, I DON'T KNOW MAN!

Very unglam picture of myself but this is the only pic that says I won. I walked away with a $100 voucher for White Rabbit also!

Yes even though this is not a very expensive prize, I am still happy. Easily contented like that. =)

The end!

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  1. Maggi goreng girl loves quite cute leh!!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA really?! You should so meet her in real life! :P


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