The Story About People Who Prowls The Roads, Waiting for Accidents To Happen

Friday, January 13, 2012

I've mentioned this on my Twitter but this is an elaborate story of what happened on the night of 11 Jan.

The Accident
So what happened was that my father-in-law was driving along Woodlands Ave 12 when the lights turned red. Father-in-law then stopped by the red light, and about 30 seconds later, another car came along and knocked into his left door at the back.

Background: FIL was already on the extreme right lane, so what happened was that the other car couldn't stop in time (duh) but he tried to swerve to the side to avoid the collision. And he went to the right, up the curb, narrowly missing the red light camera and the lamp post, came back down and knocked into FIL's car.

So the guys came out and everything was amicable. Guy was sorry that he banged into FIL's car, FIL was more concerned about Guy and his aged mom. Both exchanged details, took photos and called for their respective tow trucks.

Appearance of the hyenas
Now here's the interesting part. While we were waiting for their tow trucks to come, 3 person suddenly appeared out of nowhere - 2 guys and 1 lady. They parked their car along the road and came towards us.

At first look, this lady behaved like she was somehow involved in the accident - she claimed that she was the Claims Agents and then asked me what was the situation earlier. In her words, she said, "I'm the Claims Agent. May I check what happened here?"

While I kept quiet and wondered where the hell she was from, she then turned away from me and approached Guy. Guy, also not knowing who the hell is she and really believed that she was from our respective insurance, then told her how the accident happened.

She then went on to tell Guy that we will definitely claim him (duh, the damage was quite substantial - the sports rims were destroyed), but if he were to let them handle, they will minimize our claims.

So I thought, wow what is this? Mysterious woman appeared from nowhere and suddenly trying to make things difficult for us? So I went towards her to ask her for a name card - where the hell are these people from!?

It says Hiap Lek Automobile Trading - Patricia Siow.

AUTOMOBILE TRADING? Some car repair shop????

WTF so she isn't really a "Claims Agent" as what she has claimed lah, right? Then it dawned on me. She was just a third party car repair shop personnel hoping to score a business amidst the accident!

While I was figuring out their motives, one of the guys approached my FIL.

He said, "Hello uncle, don't worry, we are good people and we are here to help. Do you need a tow truck? I can call one for you."

I tell you, when you see a lousy piece of sales person, you can tell from his face. It has SAAAAALESSSSS etched all over his forehead, it's disgusting to even look at.

Anyway, FIL then replied that we've already engaged NTUC's Orange Team.

Then he said, "I see. Looking at the damage of your car, I don't think you can get your car ready by Chinese New Year. If you'd like us to help, we have a fleet of cars ready for you to use - the minimum is Camry."

FIL didn't reply much and was busy accessing the damage and by then, the Orange Team had already arrived.

Knowing that he'd probably not secure the deal from my FIL, this man then continued, "Based on my experience, the collision is not from the back so you MAY NOT be able to claim. But if you let us help, we can help you get maximum claim from the other party's insurance. Plus you get to have a replacement car to drive!"


If you haven't noticed the discrepency, notice that Patricia went to tell Guy that they will minimize our claims? And then we have this man telling us that they will get a maximum claim for us. So... who pays for the difference? Them?

And by then, I was REALLY motherfuckingly annoyed. These people are behaving just like hyenas. You know? Those animals who prowl the roads, waiting for a chance for them to strike amidst the confusion. I can assume that the best target would be triangle-plate new drivers at a chain collision wtf.

And can I say that these people are completely desensitized by the entire "insurance claim business"? Hello, look at this. There's an accident. People are confused (and sometimes injured). They need time to settle down and make necessary arrangements.

What are these suckers doing? They are trying to secure a sale on our misfortune! Scaring us with the probability of not being able to claim at all and all the pressure to have us make a decision immediately also comes in the package btw. Plus, they go around taking pictures of the accident like macam their own cars kena banged like that.

Cockroach-in-the-car incident

After I shared with my sis-in-law about how disgusted I was with Hiap Lek's lack of empathy and desire to secure sales on our misfortune, she shared this story.

SIL was carrying our nephew in the car. SIL's husband was driving the car. Suddenly, cockroach came out from nowhere, SIL was carrying the nephew, totally freaked out and didn't dare to catch the cockroach.

Her husband had to turn on the hazard light, stop by the road shoulder to catch the cockroach.

But that's not the amazing part. The amazing part was: they barely had the time to take off their safety belt, a tow truck magically appeared in front of them, asking if they need help to tow. I'm amazed by their efficiency, really.

I wonder what would the next procedures be, if the car really broke down. LOL.

Here's another 2 more stories on this Hiap Lek Automobile from what I've found online:

It being a bad repair shop

[image link]

And another similar accident story

[image link]

According to my colleague who is always on the road, these hyenas are very, very common. All I can say is that, if you have the ability to do your own paperwork (which is not a lot IMO), then do your own claims. There's no need to engage these third parties to help you with these things.

Besides, I heard that it is illegal for them to be out prowling for their preys like this. So... LOOK OUT FOR THEM and drive safe!

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  1. what ...the... fuck. this ppl really jia pa bo sai pang man!

  2. I think they do this to get business! I don't like it cuz they will psycho you to doing biz with them if you are unaware or not alert. Unethical people!


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