Review: Leaders 2-step Masks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recently, Serenity Allure sent me a couple of their new masks to play with. Let me share one of the masks with all of you!

Cheng cheng cheng cheng! This is Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask from the Bidanpo Mediental Mask range. Like its name, this mask isn't just a one-step skincare process but rather, a two-stepped one to further enhance the absorption of your skin!

The first step consists of a Booster Ampoule to prime your skin before the mask process. You can detach the ampoule from the mask pack like below:

When you peel open, you get a generous amount of ampoule that you can apply not only on your face, but also your neck, elbow and knee caps. (I usually apply the remainder masks on my elbows and knee caps after I use them on my face lol)

Here's the ampoule. I applied it evenly on my face and then let it absorb for about 5-10 minutes. Then I apply the mask.

I really don't know how to look photogenic with a facial mask on. -___-

This Baek-Myeong MTS Skin Brightening Clinic Mask is a combination of 12 precious fermenting concentrates & oriental beauty care solutions, bringing out the radiance in the skin.

Apart from that, it also contains bamboo matured with Mi-baeg Fermentation Solution, together with the principal of Oriental medicine esthetic care and Booster Ampoule to increase the absorption of the mask, resulting in whitening and radiance results.

Also, there are another 3 for you to choose from:

These masks are available at:

- Sephora ION & MBS
1) Leaders 2Step Masks Retails: $75.00 (Box of 10pcs)
2) Bidanpo 2Step Masks Retails: $75.00 (Box of 10pcs)
3) Bidanpo Masks Retails: $59.00 (Box of 10pcs)

I've also received Leaders Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream from Serenity Allure. More reviews on that soon!

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