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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi everyone!

It seems like I haven't been putting in a lot of effort in my blog, since I only blog once a week these days. :( Not that I like it though, I've been kinda busy and apart from that, I don't really have a topic to blog about these days.

Yeah, my life has been peaceful like that. :D

But today, I'm prompted to talk about my job, because apparently, there ARE people who are interested in where I work/what I do. I feel very loved, because even my friends don't really show so much concern over my job LOL.

Uh, just in case you think that I'm quite pathetic cuz no friends care about me, it's not. It's just that... this doesn't seem to be the most important thing in our lives. More important things include issues like...

- wedding preps (although sometimes I get quite sian talking about it because it's over for me! I don't wanna talk about it anymore cuz it's superrrr tiring, & honestly, quite mundane. I prefer to see pictures.)

- house renovation (cuz most of my friends our houses all come already. $$$$$$$$$$$$)

- making babies (my friends all super onz in teaching me how to have baby boys - apparently, the positions matter)

My 'first' job and my first job

Last year, I started my first job after I graduated from uni. Before that, I was teaching in a private school to private O Levels students. I taught English, Physics, Maths and Sarcasm.

I think my favourite subject to teach was the last one. It was so fun, and I could truly tell who were the smarter ones, and who were the not-so-smart ones.

I always believe that people who can understand sarcasm has a reasonably high amount of IQ level. I've once tried sarcasm on this girl, I said, "Omg you're so pretty, please don't snatch my boyfriend away!"

And the girl, seemingly thought that it was true, went around bragging, "LOL omg Jac begged me not to snatch her bf away."


So I went to study full time, took a degree in Communications because I concluded that I'm best at that but my results also so-so only hahaha.

I then came out of uni and do what I liked best - PR! I had the best colleagues there - Daen, Melly, Shu, Hui Ting. It was rockin'.....

Except that my working hours were not fixed, and I thought my pay was pathetic. (I tend to think quite highly of my own calibre lol)

At that time, I did PR for a whole range of clients - food, tech, fashion... I was probably the Jac of all trades, literally. #punny

And then 1 year later, I was offered another job.

I'd love to use the word 'headhunted', but I think it's too haolian. But honestly? Yes, I was 'headhunted' trolololol.

By definition, getting headhunted means you get approached by the particular company/personnel and being offered a job.

Very important, because I see people haolian and say that they got headhunted, but actually is a friend in the company who said, "Eh, my company have vacancy, you wanna try?"

Kanineh this one is not headhunted ok. This one is probably insider news - and you may or may not get the job. And it doesn't say anything about your work quality.

Urm so, I went for an interview (which my boss refused to acknowledge it as it is - he says it's a get-to-know-me session lolwtf) and I jumped ship!

My current job

I cannot stress (oxymoron!) how much I enjoy working in my current company.

Here, they really let me have my opinions. And they let me argue my point of view instead of being a yes-girl. Although I'm never a yes-girl, being a PR executive always have me saying yes to the most ridiculous bullshit clients sometimes want.

And then I somehow became a yes-girl, albeit unwillingly.

So yes. I get to argue with my boss, in a good way. And it makes me feel very, very accomplished when I can convince him to do things in another way.

And I got a 50% pay raise, which is omgwtfisthisshitwhatdididotodeservethis a lot. Plus a whole box of mandarin oranges for CNY. Unlimited angbao packets. NINE days of holidays without deducting my annual leave. End work at the dot. Own mega-spacious (also mega-messy) work table with cubicles with mega-privacy.

Plus, my manager helps me buy bubble tea every time she drives out for work.

Oh, haven't told you guys what I do, have I?

I'm in a company that sells canned food.

But I don't work as luncheon meat, unfortunately.

Who works as luncheon meat anyway???

I'm obviously enjoying this post because this has gotta be the post with the most number of random memes ever LOLOLOL.

My job scope

I troll bloggers. Some popular ones and some semi-popular ones to haunt them to help me review our products. I also do other marketing stuff, like events, for example.

And I deal with our ad agencies. I brief them with our company's directions, what we are looking for and what we want to achieve. Not something a normal luncheon meat can do.

So.. yeah. I can help friends to buy random canned foods if I'm happy, but don't ask me to deliver because they are really heavy.

But all in all, I'm really happy at my job.

Hahaha this is such a pointless but meaningful post, depending on which angle you're looking from.

Ok bye.

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