Movie Review: Contraband

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey hey hey! First movie of 2012!

Thanks to, Nian and I headed to Shaw in town to catch Contraband on Tuesday. This movie is premiering on 12 Jan (i.e. Today!)

Contraband is a fast-paced thriller about Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) as an ex-professional smuggler, all commited to leave his world behind and start anew.

However, he was forced back into his trade after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones) screwed up a deal for the ruthless Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi) and chalked up tonnes of money to repay. In order to save Andy, Chris needs to smuggle millions of counterfeit bills to make up the money to pay. Otherwise, he would have to bring some drugs in - which could led him to do jail, if caught.

Chris then assembles a crew with the help of his best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster), for a final run to Panama and back. 

With only slightly more than an hour to spare, his plan fell apart due to various circumstances. In order to keep things afloat, Chris needs to use his skills to successfully escape the criminal network of the brutal drug lords and cops before they target his wife and sons.


I like how Chris Farraday uses his scientific knowledge in helping him smuggle the counterfeit notes. His thoughts and wits were immeasurable, and it blows me away knowing how fast he could think on his feet!

I also like how the story twists towards the end, making Nian and I hope that the worst does not happen. I give this movie 3.5 popcorns!

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