Exterior completed! (And a look at the differences between Standard & Premium flats)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

We're finally down to the last waiting year! Looking through the pictures, I think Nian and I have gone a long way waiting for the flat. Hehehe.

From what we were updated, the flats are finally painted! My god, 4 months to paint all the flats! And can I say I don't really like the colours? It looks so.... old. -_-

But regardless, what matters most is the inside of the house, right? :D

Our block is supposed to be the first batch so I'm crossing my fingers we can get it by the 2nd quarter of the year (i.e. ~3 months more!!!). In the meantime, Nian has also started sourcing for carpenters.

We're considering if we should look for any interior designers, because ours are standard flats, and that means we are allowed to do whatever we want for our little apartment!

Difference between Standard and Premium Flats
Standard flats are only fitted with toilet bowls and sinks. Tiles and doors are also in if you opt for them - it only costs us about $5K. Very affordable if you were to ask me because doing flooring outside will easily cost $10K for marbles and $7-8K if you go for something simpler. And you can pay by CPF!


Bad part is that the tiles are not exactly very pretty. LOL. You see our toilet floor, brown colour one wtf. And then we have mosiac tiles for our master bathroom hahahaha fuck our lives LOL. The living room tiles are not bad though, glazed white... but the kitchen also in another shade of yucky brownish muck wtflol.

Actually, premium flats also not much difference, except that you don't need to opt for the tiles - they come with it already. So if it's ugly, you also cannot opt out of it haha!

And.... you can't actually change the tiles till three years later (same as standard if you opt for the tiles), or so I have heard. You will also have toilet bowls and sinks, and your room will be parquet flooring! Which kinda made me envious for a while but wtf parquet very hard to maintain also. -__-

Some more my friends say the the parquet flooring is not as good because there are a lot of empty holes wtf. D: You can get HDB to fix it for you but it takes time.... like our standard flats.

So in my opinion, premium flats sounds better but they are actually more expensive and rigid cuz you can't actually opt out of things that you don't want/need. *shrugs*

Ok, more updates soon! I hope we will be getting our keys (or HLE letter at least!) by the next update. Till then!! <3

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