Post-Wedding Thank You Dinner

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A few nights ago, Nian and I arranged our post-wedding thank-you dinner for our sisters, brothers and emcee. Basically all our helpers who, without them, we'd be crazy mad hatters at the wedding ourselves.

I think I've said it a million times, Park Royal is really very generous with their perks. Apart from the 2D1N stay from the un-utilized room on our wedding day, we've also got:

- Complimentary spa session for Nian and I
- $200 dining voucher at Plaza Brasserie
- Complimentary dining for 8 persons at Plaza Brasserie
- Another 2D1N stay at any Park Royal hotels in Asia
- Free flow beer
- Free corkage
- Some complimentary wedding favours (somehow, we were short of 20 LOL)

I can't really remember the rest but overall, it was a great place to hold your wedding dinner if I may recommend. (Don't go for my facilitator though, she's really bad with names and a terrible memory)

So with the complimentary dining for 8 persons, we invited all of them down! Shame that Shu, Huiting, Ben and Vincent couldn't make it though.

The spread was not bad, I must say! The fellas enjoyed the fresh oysters, sushi and sashimi. My favourite of the lot there were the caesar salad (which I really have plenty of craving for these days!) & the pratas.

OMG the fish curry was so good you know! And all the pratas (they had egg, plain, cheese and even durian) were thin and crispy, I had like 4 pieces of it. *sheepish grin*

My couture look always look like I-am-going-to-punch-you-look. I know. I wanna be sexy like my sisters can?

Of course, we had so much to talk about! I was complaining about a Maggie Goreng girl that I know who called me to ask me what was in a Maggie Goreng (????????????????) and her refusal to pick up the phone call at lunch time, and wanted me to do it instead.

By the way, we share the same lunch time lor. /bitch mode end

More pictures!

Thanks for coming down y'all!! Both Nian and I had such a great time, we don't know how it'd be without great friends like you all. :)

Outfit of the day

Here's a new dress I bought recently at a steal - $21 only! *squeals in happiness* I love how the red looks like. Don't you? :)

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