Our 3rd Staycation

Monday, December 05, 2011

This year has been really fruitful even though we didn't travel much. But really, I had one of the most amazing holidays this year.

Remember we went Kota-Tinggi to see fireflies with the rest of my blogger friends? And then after that, we scooted off to Bangkok for a short trip after our wedding.

Just over the weekend, we went for our third staycation for the year (we started with Swissotel The Stamford, then Changi Village Hotel) at Park Royal at Beach Road.

You see, we held our wedding dinner at this very hotel just 3 months back, and the very kind hotel staff actually gave us a complimentary room which we didn't manage to utilize on the actual day, plus a complimentary spa session!

We even brought our swimwear and all, hoping to soak in the water and get a nice tan before we get back to work today... But just look at this December weather. -__-

It began pouring as soon as we reached the hotel room!

So nevermind, we went ahead to our spa session. Nian opted for a de-stress massage while I went for a Devil's Mint Body Scrub, which was heavenly. When we came out, it was STILL raining. So we sat under the verandah and sipped tea while the time flies past us.

Then we adjourned back to our room and laughed our asses off at Ace Ventura's show. So classic can?!

Lazed around in bed after that, then we made a silly decision to head out for dinner. (yes, still pouring cats and dogs)

Cutting long story short, we walked to Bugis Junction looking for food, couldn't find nice food that we like, so we walked to Tan Quee Lan street for some steamboat. Went past like the entire stretch of steamboat parlours but none caught our eyes... and then we ran across the road and turned right to 辣妹子 steamboat parlour.

Walked in to look at the buffet spread, and realized they were miserable. U-turned to the 7-11 beside it, bought some chips, Kit Kats, prawn crackers and juice, we walked back to the hotel wanting to have the Chinese restaurant downstairs for dinner.

And then it started POURINGGGGGG like mad. And I was in heels. And he was in shoes. And our footwear were all soaked. And then just before we reach our hotel, I saw a little walkway that I thought would lead up to the hotel entrance.

But nooooo. We ended up at the backdoor of the Chinese restaurant we wanted to go!

I thought,"Never mind la! Just go in then we walk to the front to ask for a table!"

And I swung the door open. I saw like 4 tables of people staring at me in confusion, some frozen with their food almost in their mouth. And then I looked back at them.

AND THEN I REALIZED A WEDDING DINNER WAS GOING ON. And I opened the door while the bride and groom was coming in from the other entrance FML.

So I closed the door, turned around to Nian and told him that there was a wedding dinner going on. He groaned. We had to walk across the damp walkway, down the stairs and turn one full round to finally get to the front of the hotel.

Looks like my story isn't so short afterall LOL.

Since we were soaked and dinner-less, Nian decided to get us room service. YAY. Totally redeemed the fact that we wandered around almost the entire Bugis! :D

We washed up, dressed in our most comfortable outfit - the pyjamas - and ate dinner while we watched random movies off the TV. Life's really as good as you know when to laugh about it I guess. :)

And after dinner, we did nothing again. Drifted on and off from sleep while waiting for the Man Utd game to start. I woke up at 3.30AM watching the players shaking hands.

Completely missed the entire game wtfffff. -__-

So we went back to sleep until we were almost late for breakfast the next day LOL. But thank goodness we didn't! Had a fulfilling breakfast already... and then guess what we did?

That's right. Back to sleep. At least for me lah. Nian was very engrossed with some Arthur cartoon before we checked out.

All I have to say? It was splendid! :)

I had the best sleep for the entire month!

If you'd hear me complain, our room is along the corridor and every morning at about 5AM, the neighbour will slam his door when he leaves for work. At 6.15AM, the other neighbour's kid will cry cuz he's going to work. At 6.30, the mama-shop downstairs will pull up its shutters. At maybe 6.45AM (or sometimes in between the neighbours leaving for work), depending on the day, our nephew will cry for milk. He has to feed every 2 to 3 hours every day so every time he cries for his feeds, I will wake up. Yes. Even though it's none of my business in feeding him. Ok complain ends.

So... the room was so dead quiet. And dark. And cooling. My gawdddddd. The word 'shiok' is an understatement.

Outfit of the day

Love this piece of Inspired Jewels Neckline Chiffon piece from Pearlavish's manufactured series. It has a really nice cutting, good to go with either a belt or not. It comes with a detachable sash of the same colour as well!

Like mentioned in my previous update on Pearlavish, they've got a very pretty range of Bridesmaids Series dresses. Do take some time off to watch this very nice video:

Just in time to grab some pretty pieces, before the season holidays come rushing in! :)

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  1. Try The Hong Hu Steamboat at Liang Seah Street! Its good! =)


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