I cooked with Mr Tan!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In the past where I had my own kitchen, I cooked a lot. I loved cooking 铁板豆腐, sambal sotong, random vegetables and my ultimate cabbage soup. Fast forward, I now live with my in-law, whom my mother-in-law is a superb cook. There's simply no reason (and time) to cook again... until our new apartment comes!

But last week, I coached the entire group of bloggers on cooking. Uh-huh!

I know I've manly fingers, but I was teaching them how to make sure that the scallops are properly cooked. Basically, you just need to squeeze them - they should be a little bouncy.

Kevin is a really bad student who came in really late, so I was trying to tell him how to prepare our first dish - XO King Scallop with Spicy Golden Mushrooms & Crispy Rice Crackers.

This boy ah... dun even know how to heat up the pan! #facepalm

Must help him open the bottles some more. -___-

So after cooking and instructing, here's my dish!


Awesome right? Looks like Ee-fu noodles but they are actually YIFON Golden Mushrooms! (No need to cook, all I did was to heat it up in the pan and then top it up with scallops, rice crackers and XO sauce)

See? Kevin is sleeping again. Haiya this student ah.............

Started on my second dish while I left Kevin to sleep. Luckily my competent assistant came in time! *kicks Kevin aside*

He's not very good at cooking, but with my exceptional guidance and his concentration, we did a really awesome plus-sized MaLing Luncheon Meat bruchetta!

Eh wait. I think this one is not mine. :X

(But this is the only picture I have wtf!)

Mine's similar, except that I have really ginormous pieces of luncheon meat just because we love them. HEHEHE. And a lot of shallots too!

Just see the overflowing luncheon meat. Just stare at it.

Edmund and Nicole came along for my cooking class and Nicole did the arrangement of the bruchetta by herself, awesome or what!

She didn't know what to do with the coriander leaves, so they became the plate lining. Hehehe.

For the third dish, I made everyone make little pizzas. It was quite simple actually, just get a ready-made pizza dough, spread ketchup at the bottom and top it with whatever you want!

We had cheese, shaved ham, YIFON Assorted Mushrooms and prawns on it for ours. Other students had pineapples, luncheon meat (leftover from the bruchetta dish), and a random mix of all the mushrooms we had.

Popped it into the oven for like 5 minutes and it was soon ready to be eaten!

And yes. If men can cook, so can you.

If you haven't realized that I've been lying through my teeth about me being the 'teacher', I'm telling you now that I'm lying.

The teacher for the night was celebrity chef Eric Teo! And all the starstrucked bloggers were getting him to autograph the limited edition Yit Hong 2012 calendars. There are 12 recipes in there, all formulated by Chef Eric, one for each month!

It was such a great night out cooking and eating with my fellow blogger friends. The only sucky thing was probably my aching feet. Try cooking in 4" heels!

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  1. wow nice!!! I want to learn from you too!!! teach me teach meeee!


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