High Definition Optics Contact Lens - Ever heard of it?

Monday, December 19, 2011

With the revolutionary technology, there's a HD (High Definition) to everything: HDTV, HD Video Recorders, HD camcorders, HD audio... and now, there's HD Optics Contact lenses.

Bausch + Lomb has recently launched their radical High Definition Optics Contact Lens, Purevision 2 HD, capable of providing crisp, clear vision, especially in low light condition.

Purevision 2 HD is a monthly contact lens made of silicone hydrogel. It has 36% water content, 8.6 curvature and oxygen permeability of 130.

Users can expect:
Reduced halos and glare while driving at night
Better contrast and clarity at the movies
Reduced blurriness in low-light situations

I wore the PureVision 2 HD lens to catch The Muppets over the weekend - What can be a better place to test out the contrast & clarity of the HD Optics Contact lenses?

The Muppets is a very good movie that you shouldn't miss, even though they are acted by characters that are probably older than most of us here!

Having grown up in the mid-80s, The Muppets probably made the most impression to me in Sesame Street, which subsequently got pushed out of TV by the tides of time. I didn't know that The Muppets had given me such good memories, until I watched them again yesterday!

The Muppets (2011) depicts how three great fans of The Muppets decided to visit the dilapidated Muppets Studio, where they bumped into evil tycoon Tex Richman, who wanted to buy over the studio for the oil buried underneath it.

In order to get the studio back, Kermit The Frog had to go around looking for his old pals to get back together & stage a show again - so that they can get $10,000,000 for the studio.

When Miss Piggy and Kermit sang a duet on The Rainbow Connection, I teared.

I mean, wtf! That was the song I sang on repeat mode when I was in primary school, and somehow, I stopped singing it when I grew up. And when Kermit started strumming his Ukulele, I realized I still remembered the lyrics. Every, single, word.

It was such a nice holla-back from the deceased Jim Henson, who died in 1990 at the age of 53.


I'm glad that I wore the Purevision 2 HD lens for this movie. Afterall, all these colourful characters would not be as vivid as I would have seen for myself! With the better contrast and clarity, Purevision 2 HD lens allowed me to enjoy the vibrant colours of these Muppets, for the very last time.

Thank you Jim Henson, for creating such wonderful childhood memories for me, and thank you, Bausch + Lomb Purevision 2 HD, for letting me enjoy nothing less of this wonderful creation. :)

Leaving you guys with Kermit's Rainbow Connection while I go sit in a corner and reminisce the olden days. Ahhhhh. Rainy days are such good days for some childhood emo!

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