Follow My Recommendations At Your Own Risks, Ogay?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I've been wanting to write a post about this for quite a while but never had the time to do so, but since it's the festive season right now, I've got more time on my hands!

Let's talk about my recommendations on my blog.

I've been blogging since 2006, so that makes it the 5th year in 2011. My first advertorial didn't come in until about 2009, and from then, I've over a hundred companies and blogshops advertised with me - and cross my heart, I feature them ONLY when they are good and of course, trustworthy.

You guys don't know how many advertisers I've turned down, because they wanted me to write stuff that even I am not convinced myself. For example? MLM products. Slimming tea. Some self-help encouragement books. Loads of stuff like that. So I dare say that whatever I write, I write with integrity.

With all these advertorials, my readers then buy from my advertisers. And that makes me happy.

But what pisses me off?

When online shopping doesn't go your way, you decide to blame me. "Jac's recommendation sucks! I now have zits on my face cuz I used the masks she recommended!"

"Jac's recommendation sucks! How come that blogshop lost MY parcel!"

WTF totally makes me blow my top.

So it's my fault that you didn't receive your stuff? Where were the compliments for me when you bought pretty dresses under MY recommendations? Do you come and leave me a comment and say, "Aww thanks Jac, I now have pretty clothes to go out with my boyfriend because of you."

Or: "Thanks Jac! My skin is much moisturized now!"

Do you do that, huh? Do you?

No. And then when there is a problem, you point your fat fingers at me and complain about me, you ungrateful women.

Heck! I didn't even mind having people wearing the same dresses as me (after seeing me in them) because I think it's a major compliment, and it makes me happy! A bit no link, but that's the sucky part about having a successful advertorial ok.

Worse, I've got readers pretend that they found out about the blogshop by themselves, and complain about ME having the same apparels as them. What bullshit is this? But I don't blame anybody. This kinda things happen, sometimes.

Before the year ends, let me tell you something.

1. Every time you buy something online, any. I repeat, any blogshops will encourage you to opt for registered mail because they are not responsible for lost normal mails. Yes? But did you heed their advice?

I'm thinking if you want to save that $2.24 and shit happens to you, you should take the responsibility. Why didn't you take the registered mail in the first place? Because blaming Jac is easier (and free of charge) is it?

There are so many people doing online shopping. Lost mails are not exactly very common, but they happen. Some postsmen fell asleep and drop off the parcel at the wrong place, some just disappeared among the huge pile of mails.

I don't think it's necessarily the blogshop's fault, neither the post office. This is the risk of online shopping. If you don't wanna have lost mails, then fine! Shop at shopping centres! Don't go around blaming people because you didn't go by registered mail.

2. Every person's skin is different. If it works for me, it might not necessarily work for you. Maybe cuz you're made of toad skin, I don't know ok. But PLEASE. Protect yourself and do a skin test first if you have sensitive skin that may blow up at any forms of treatment!

3. Ask for help. If you have problems receiving your orders, how about try emailing me for help? I've got several readers who had problems in ordering a while back and I managed to get them sorted out by linking the bosses of the particular blogshop with them. I don't know what is the ending, because nobody dropped me a mail to keep me informed, but I'm assuming that everything went well cuz.. well, there were no complains after that.

Therefore, with this coming 2012, there would be more advertisers, with more fabulous products from me. I just wanna tell you girls to heed my recommendations at your own risks. I've done my part in testing out the dresses, cosmetics and skincare, reviewing them as truthfully as I can. It is now up to you to protect yourself in whatever ways you can. This is the cyberworld, and I'm not your mom.

The next time I hear someone blaming me because of your lack of responsibility, I will smack you around with a large trout.

Ok thanks, and have a happy countdown!

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  1. That's a good one. We are all sensible adults and I am surprise that you get such comments. Everyone ought to know that every facial products feature might work for one but diasters on another. Furthermore, by ordering online without registered mail, you are taking a high risk. These are common sense. Tsk tsk... grow up please (oops) I meant be reasonable.

  2. I don't usually leave comments, but thought I would just let you know that I enjoy reading your blog :) Don't let the haters get you down!


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