A Couple of Outfits For The Day - Featuring Hocuspocusing, Amelie-Anne & The Closet Ville

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From my LOOKBOOK! :)

Love this white cardigan - It belongs to Nian actually! But I wanted a slightly baggy look that day, so I wore it out, paired with a white dress and bright cyan sash.

This is Hocuspocusing's Royal Kate Inspired Dress, and I paired it with a scarf I got last year. It was complimentary, and I've never worn it out! I love how the greyish blue of the scarf interacts with the electric blue. Actually, I also paired it with a bluish-grey vintage earring I got from Bugis Village. Love the whole get up! (Keeps me very warm in office) &&&&New launch in Hocuspocusing!

Here's another colour-blocking style with the top compliments from Amelie Anne (It's called Becky!) They've got a new collection newly launched as well, inspired by the latest floral trend. I paired it with The Closet Ville's Colour Block bandage skirt and I love how the whole look turned out. :) Ok more looks next time! :)

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  1. Hiya! Thanks for inviting us for the event today! :) We had loads of fun :)


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