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Thursday, December 01, 2011

My god. And today marks the first day of December. Which means I've got exactly ONE more month to fulfill my resolutions before I declare it unsuccessful.

Very often, we only look at resolutions on the last day of the year, and then go "GEEZ. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT HAHAHA."

Actually, I don't remember my resolutions much. :\ (In fact, I had to look at my post last year to refresh my memory wtf.)

So my resolutions were:

  • Be early for work!
  • Appreciate the little things my husband does for me
  • Control my temper a little more
  • Continue to take care of my skin and health
  • Save $10K (... and then proceed to spend them all on honeymoon and wedding dinner)
  • Lose 1 KG a month
  • Be a better friend
  • Procrastinate less
Being early for work
Can I say that I'm more or less there? In fact, I think I've only been late for work twice since my new job started. But urm, can we not consider the past months where I was in my old workplace? Hehehe.

Appreciate the little things my husband does for me
I do! In fact, I think I praise him so much on my Twitter and in this space, I'm a bit embarrassed.

Control my temper a little more
Not so successful for me I guess. I still want to punch teddy bears when people piss me off. :c But hey, at least I'm not punching them, right? :D

Continue to take care of my skin and health
Which I did! I don't think I fall sick a lot these days (except for random headaches and/or runny noses), I've been eating my multi-vitamins, going to the gym, eat healthily...

As for my skin, I'm still pretty obssessed with it. But I dunno why this month, I've got so much pimples popping up just before THE time of the month. Sigh.

Save $10K (... and then proceed to spend them all on honeymoon and wedding dinner)
WE DID save the $10K, and what was even more amazing was that we didn't spend them all! Our wedding dinner set us back about $14K, but our honeymoon was quite a quiet and simple one and it only took us $1.5K (if we were to consider Bangkok as our honeymoon LOL)

And as of today, I'm proud to say that we've maintained our savings. :D

Now don't come and rob us please. We have our house to fund next!

Lose 1KG a month
I did! I lost 8KG the whole of this year. 'NUFF SAID.

Be a better friend and procrastinate less
Which I did too, for the former. And to be a better friend, I kicked off sucky friends. You know, friends who gossip behind your back, friends who doesn't contribute positively to your life. Gone. All gone! And now, I concentrate on being a better friend for better people. *thumbs up*

As for procrastination, I still do it pretty much. Gah. This is the worst habit I ever have I think. Sorry. :c

So looks like all in all, I've had a pretty much meaningful year again!

Like last year, here's like Top 6 of my happenings this year. (Decided to keep the last 4, just in case I've got some awesome happenings in December LOL)

1. We held our traditional wedding

This was super tiring, but super fun, especially the morning! Watching the morning express still made me laugh like mad.

2. I became Auntie Jac!

Of course, to the cutest baby on Earth. :) (I look like I'm having a lot of fun squeezing her diapers LOL)

3. My Virgin Trip to USS (compliments to Crizal lenses!)

It was mad fun!! I still feel a bit regretful that I chickened out on the roller coaster ride though... :\

4. I scaled another building

While I did the Swissotel Vertical Marathon twice, this year was the first time I did the National Vertical Marathon and scaled the One Raffles Place building.

I say, I'm made more for climbing the stairs than running on flat grounds. LOL.


I screamed myself hoarse. Definitely the Top 10 good things that happened to me this year. ZHOU JIE LUN WO AI NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!11111

6. To Bangkok

Brought Hubba his virgin trip to Bangkok (a lot of virgin trips with me LOL - Japan, Bangkok, Australia...) and dined at one of the yummiest places there! OMG CRAVING NOW.

I do hope from December and onwards, life would be significantly better for Nian and I. Don't get me wrong, we are still very in love with one another and having a time of our lives now, being a young couple and all. But you know, I just wish things will get even better.

I wish I can elaborate more, but these things are very sensitive. Not so much personal for me, I share a lot of personal thoughts and stuff here but well... let's just leave it as that. Haha. And now! Resolutions for 2012!

Giving myself a head-start for the New Year so that I can beat you all to it next year. #yeahbaby

1. Be very enthusiastic about housework
Come 2012, our apartment would be ready by mid-year and that would mean crazy amount of housework waiting for Nian and I. Nian is a very neat person, but I wouldn't say much about my tidiness. :P

Being enthusiastic sounds a little too... general for evaluation. To be more quantifiable, Imma do 10 different household chores per week when our new house comes!

2. Pick up netball again
Netball has always been one of my favourite sports but this year, I didn't really play much because of my hectic schedule. I do hope I can pick up netball and play once a week for the next year... if I'm not pregnant.

Talking about pregnancy, it's kinda hard to plan for anything isn't it? Like quite a bit of people around us, asking when I'd get pregnant and all... the thing is, I don't know.

I mean, how would I know? I can be pregnant just as I'm typing this, but I wouldn't know until I officially missed my menses + a couple of positive tests on the pregnancy kit or something. So urm, don't ask me when it'd be my turn carrying a baby cuz I really don't know LOL.

3. Work on better fashion sense!

So, I started on my Lookbook recently LOL. Step One towards a more fashionable Jacqualine, uh-huh! While I'm concentrating hard on losing weight, I really enjoy wearing all these pretty clothes out every single day. (Have to thank my sponsors too)

I just hope that one day, I will be a subtle-fashionista. Like, not the crazy type of fashion (ala Lady Gaga) but a more subtle one that makes me happy every day. :)

4. Be thankful for every day
I know this should be reserved for Thanksgiving or something but... I think this is quite important that I should practice every single day.

I mean, sometimes I get overly agitated over the little things in life that don't go my way. And then I totally miss out on the happier details. So yeah. Imma practice looking at the bright side of life a bit more aggressively.

So.... have you already started thinking on your resolutions?

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