[Adv] Weekend Nomz with Pearlavish

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The last time Nian and I brought the Chan's to Yum Cha Garden to celebrate Mama Chan's birthday. Little did I know, Mama Chan loved the place so much we went back again 2 weeks later!

This time, we managed to bring Sissy #2 along because she didn't need to work this time. :D

We ordered more food, of course!

I love most of the food actually. They are fresh and delicious, and they serve really quickly, which is good for hungry people like us. :P

Outfit of the day:
Striped tank top from The Design Closets
Shorts from Cotton On
Banane Bag from E.T.C

Separately, Nian brought me out to town for a nice meal because we got a $150 voucher to spend at all Capita Malls. And we headed to Sushi Tei, cuz I like Japanese!

Well, not very atas Japanese food but sometimes, the company you have means so much more. :)

I used to like their Mushroom Prawn Mentai a lot but this time it was so oily omg. :( The garlic fried rice was manageable, but was slightly towards the salty side already. Thank goodness the chanwamushi, tamago and the sashimi was still good!

Cannot imagine I've to miss sashimi for 9 months when we have Baby Tan omg. D:

Oh, check out my new dress, with compliments to Pearlavish!

Pearlavish as a nice range of their exclusive manufactured items, and this piece of polka-dotted dress is cuteness overload don't you think so?

And it matches my new nails too, look!

 Pearlavish just launched a new collection, and they've got a Bridesmaid Series consisting of various convertible dresses. Convertibles are really good and easy because it fits most sizes, and your sisters get to wear them in whichever ways they like.

Outfit of the day: 
Dress: Pearlavish's A ThankFul Heart Crochet Lace Polka Dots Dress in Pink ($30.50)
Bag: Longchamp
Accessories: Pearl bracelet from F21

We ditched our transport and went public for the day. As much as I don't really like taking public because it is so unreliable (ridiculous train delays, stuffy trains, no seats.. -__-), it's nice to have a change like this sometimes. :)


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