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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Before I begin on the Carousel post, it is very important that I explain why this dinner was so meaningful to me. LOL.

You see, I started seeing "dating" when I was 14 (*eh-hem* can I call myself a dating-guru now, even though I'm out of the scene? LOL), and fast forward 12 years later, I've seen about like 7 guys.

And none of them actually reserved a place and ask me out for a good dinner.

I mean, some of them would actually bring me to interesting places to eat, but they never considered a reservation. Most of the time, it's the, "So, whadoya wanna eat?"

And then I'll say some place, and then we'd go. If that place is crowded, then too bad, better luck next time. Or we can choose to stand outside and wait for a good 30 minutes and I get in grumpy and hungry. And they complain that I've got a short temper! >:(

On a bad day, I've got to be the one making the reservations, nahbeh.

So ladies and gentlemen, can we all give Mr. Tan a round of applause for all his effort? He actually dated me out one fine day while I was at work, asking me if I would be free (what does he mean? I'd push away the Prime Minister for him, wtf!) for a nice dinner on Sunday. Totally made me grin like a silly woman for like 3 minutes while my manager stares at me.

Mega picture of us to show off my outfit from Treslovechic - it has a sexy keyhole opening at the back!

So despite the crazy heavy rain (which resulted in the rainbow brolly in my hand), Nian and I made our way down to one of the dining places I've always wanted to go, but didn't manage to because it's not really cheap, to be honest.

But since we were there, we went for not one, not two, but freaking FIVE rounds of food!

Tell me about calories overload. Hehehe.

We started on the Asian/Western hot food at the back of the counters first. We like the Stir-fried scallops best because it's sooooooo succulent omg!!

The tortillinis are good too, but I don't really enjoy the stuffed pasta. I'd prefer linguine or something, but my husband chose this so as a good wife, I'll go along with it. :P

I also stuffed myself with prawn crackers (that was supposed to go with the chicken rice) and papadam there. LIKE I CANNOT GET THIS OUTSIDE LIDDAT. -__- But it was very crispy and yummy!

Most Round 2 food you see now are more of Nian's liking. As you can see.... nobody really appreciates Stingrays with Cream Sauce wtf. My verdict after having a mouthful of it?

Stingray should just marry sambal and live happily ever after. There is absolutely no point pairing it with anything else.

The Lack of Ramb (yes it just sounds like that when you say it fast enough) is very well done brilliantly done. I realized I shouldn't say that it's well done because it is actually medium done wtf.

Here's my Round 2 food. As you can see, mine is definitely healthier! :P

The Spinach-something was very good though. It's a pity I don't remember its name. My next favourite would be the Top-Shell salad.

Unfortunately, the salad section in Carousel is pretty little. In fact, the one at Swensons Earle that Nian and I went to just a few days before, had a better salad bar selection. I mean, all I wanted was a bit of carrots, wonton skin (it goes damn well with caesar salad, if you've never tried it!) and croutons.

But all don't have. :(

The soup we had for Round 2 was Pumpkin Soup with sour cream. OMG obviously I haven't stressed enough on my love for Pumpkin Soup (or Tomato Soup!)

Random picture while rested to let our food settle into our stomach. AND THEN WE CHIONG FOR THE FOOD AGAIN!!!!

Round 3 was the seafood round, with very delicious salmon sashimi and crayfishes.

I don't really like the Tom Yum Shrimp sushi though.. it's too Thai for me to be in a Japanese cuisine LOL. The mussels in salsa sauce was not good too. I'd say it's because the mussels are either overcooked, or not fresh enough.

It tasted really mashy and disgusting, gosh.

Both Nian and I love the crayfishes. It was fresh, delicious and very crunchy! I know right, what a word to use - crunchy... But it really is!

And then we moved on to the oysters, which I didn't touch one bit because I really don't like the fishy smell of these humongous oysters!

Nian has never tried it before, so it was his virgin oyster you see in the picture LOL. To commemorate this moment, I even filmed down the process and interviewed him after that. :P

While he said that he didn't like the taste, he decided to work around it by sussing more tobasco sauce on the osyters. Turns out, he found the fishy smell bearable and swallowed 2 more down his throat.

Looks like I'd be #foreveralone in hating big-ass oysters.

*slurp slurp slurp*

So in Round 4, we satisfied Nian's desire for oysters soaked in tobasco sauce, more crayfishes and crabs.

And finally, in our last round, we decided to head for the well-raved desserts. The Creme Brulee was very good! In fact, it was so good it puts the one we had at Todai to shame. Btw, Todai is the worst buffet place we've tried so far. Even Seoul Garden is better I tell you.

Apart from the Creme Brulee, their fruits were also pretty fresh. Their New York Cheesecake, though, was too thick for my liking.

But of course, their bread pudding NEVER fails! I had it once when I was attending a friend's wedding party... and I fell in love with it ever since.

I can have 5 portions of this, by the way. (YES! It's THAT GOOD!)

This buffet experience is definitely better than most of the buffet restaurants we've been. With such cutesy and colourful decorations and that drizzling rain outside, can I say that it is very romantic too? :)

Thanks for the lovely treat, Hubba!

And for that, I brought him to have one helluva trip at the Haagan-Dazs Indulgence Ride. More on that, tomorrow! <3

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  1. that was a splendid dinner spread up there!
    and i love pumpkin soup! *slurps*


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