[Adv] Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just yesterday, I accompanied Nian to his 4th Swissotel Vertical Marathon. Seems like it was just last year when I first did mine at 2009!

My first vertical marathon in 2009

My 2nd Swissotel Vertical Marathon last year

This year, I took a break - all because I thought I would be occupied for the day a few months in advance, but turns out that I'd be free afterall but I've already missed the registration date fml.

Hubba went for the Mens Open and Nation Fighters this year.

Cutting long story short, he came in 2nd for the Nation Fighters category, clocking 10 minutes and 15 seconds. He was a bit disappointed though, because this is one of his worst results as compared to the previous races. :(

But that's okay, I believe this will make him train even harder and win us the 2D1N stay we had this year!

I personally think that these races are a good "hunting ground" for single girls looking for dark, handsome men, LOL. I mean, most of them are fit and healthy, not flabby, and usually pretty cool with their Oakleys.

And most of them wear cutesy stockings too wtf LOL.


Outfits of the dayssss:

On another random note, I did a collage of my outfits for last week, as featured on my Instagram! You can check out the outfits as I update them live on my Twitter.

From top left: 
- Rainbow cardigan from Pearlavish
- Dark Blue cropped jacket, also from Pearlavish
- Royal Kate dress in the style of Princess Kate's engagement dress from Hocuspocusing
- Mustard dress from Dirty Linen (pretty new items up!)
- Colourful kaftan kimono top from Le-Amour (wore this for the Vertical Marathon!)

More tomorrow! Nian brought me to Carousel for a yummy buffet dinner as well, and we had a indulgent ride on the Haagan-Dazs bus as well.... *stomach growls*

Till then!

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