[Adv] More Pictures From My Photoshoot

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last month, I posted some really pretty takeaways from my photoshoot with ShirO and Eileen. So here's more!

Previously I posted really little of this gorgeous maxi dress I've gotten from Treslovechic. This is the exact dress I wore for my dinner with Nian at Carousel. Really pretty, isn't it? :D

I look a little fat here but I cannot resist posting this picture up because I think I had a really good smile here, hehehe.

Nian got really jealous of me after looking at these photos because he wants a photoshoot as well! So here's me pimping him: Any blogshops for guys willing to pass him some new clothes for a good shoot? :D

I can then feature them here and the rest of the girls can oogle at him your clothes. Sorry. Your clothes.

Changed into Dirty Linen's Benediction Shift Dress in Brown for the next location.

If only this is a bit brighter, I'd have this as my wallpaper! I don't know why, but I think it's mostly because of the beautiful background. Whoever thinks that Singapore has no gorgeous sceneries like that? :)

Some other cheekier shots Dirty Linen's Inverted Pleat Shift Dress in mustard.

A severely over-photoshopped photo because I'd look terrible if I show any backside in this photo. (The picture in real life had my humungous backside jutting out I wanna die.)

I urm, actually made my boobs smaller too LOL.

This is Treslovechic's Belda Low Back Dress.

And this is one without much edits. Check out the bareback! :D

And the last outfit of the day, Bellezabebe's Camryn Dress. So sexy that I wore this to Jalan Kayu for dinner after the shoot, the entire coffeeshop caught fire cuz the hawker couldn't concentrate cooking!

Just kidding.

You'd see a lot of hands-on-the-head pose because my fringe was flying about happily and I looked like shit when they do that.

Once again, thanks for the beautiful shots, ShirO! And thank you all sponsors, for the wonderful apparels. <3

I'm serious about pimping Nian for a photoshoot though. Do fire away at jaccyy@gmail.com if any of you would like to provide him with nice clothes! Free advertorial I promise. Hehe.

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  1. lol. no worries :D and nian wants a shoot? sure! lol. let's hope he gets some too!


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