[Adv + Giveaway] Haagan-Dazs, Journey of Indulgence

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday was a blast for Nian and I, as you can see. Three freaking posts for a single day's events! :P Our Wonderful Sunday ended very sweetly with Haagen-Dazs, much thanks to Smith from Waddap Events!

So basically, I surprised Nian with the trip, after his efforts of arranging a nice buffet dinner for the both of us.

Actually, it's quite easy to qualify for this trip of indulgence. All you need to do, is to chalk up to $50 at Haagan-Dazs (dine in only, before GST & service charge) and you'd walk away with a pair of tix!

Another way, which is not as easy, is to be an awesome blogger. *cough cough*

So here's the bus! Not a very flattering picture, considering that it just ceased raining and the whole sky still looks gloomy.

Now THIS is definitely a very flattering picture! And true to it, Nian and I sat at the open-top portion and had a splendid night admiring the Christmas lights in town. :)

Here's Smith, pretending to be photobombing us.

Very happy for him because his missing cat, Marshall, finally came home! :D Cats are pretty smart that way, don't you think so?

I've heard from my mom that there was this cat who was abandoned by a family when they moved house. So apparently, they moved from like Yishun to Tampines or something (really far away). But one day, about 2 months after they "threw" the cat away, it actually found its way to their new home - believe it or not!

Anyway, moving on, we have 2 beautiful santarinas offering a handful of us (they've got limited seats allocated per session so that you get maximum enjoyment) the first round of our free flow Haagan-Dazs ice-cream.

Nian tried Coffee flavour, while I savoured the Chips and Chocolate. It's a pity they didn't serve Chocolate Midnight Cookies because that's my favourite flavour!

And then I began snapping pictures as we go along.

Instead of balloons (as per the flattering pic of the Haagan-Dazs bus), we've got golden hairy poms along the handles, and very pretty light bulbs that lit up the bus in a cheery festive mood.

We passed by Tanglin Mall first. The whole ground was filled with foamy snowflakes because it just "snowed" there! Pity we didn't catch the snowing.

This year's X'mas theme seems to be Wintery Blue and white, with little bits of flowers everywhere!

Another shot of us, with Charlene (popularly known as Missuschewy) and her husband at the background, LOL! I've also met Lobsterpaints (whom I didn't know it was her omg) and the gorgeous Moonberry on board.

Apart from the usual shots that Nian and I took ourselves, the santarinas also came around helping us take polaroid pictures!

The night was so awesome, I lifted my own alcohol ban and drank bubbly with my Hubba from break-proof plastic cups. Hehehe.

More beautiful lightings as we went along... and then we were served with something else:


Got Milk Chocolates for the both of us and it was so smooth, gosh! You can also see that I'm holding a bottle of Evian, also available on board for those who don't take any alcohol. Nian had a can of Pepsi after the glass of bubbly too. :)

Love the OC tree the most! Such a royal, pretty purple don't you think so? :D

The Christmas theme then changed into white snowflakes with reindeers running around towards Marina Square and back at Esplanade.

The entire journey takes about an hour, with very enthusiastic emcee chirping merrily into the microphone, and really, really, free flow of Haagan-Dazs ice-cream, premium champagne and chocolates throughout the entire ride.


Would you like to grab someone special to spend the night, eating free flow ice-cream and enjoy the Christmas lights?

Welllllll I'm giving away ONE pair of Haagan-Dazs Journey of Indulgence tickets to a lucky winner! You can choose to hop on the bus tomorrow night (there is a 7pm, 8pm or 9pm slot for you to choose).

All you need to do is to LIKE my Facebook page and leave me a message like this:

"Hi Jac! I'd love to go for a ride of indulgence with (insert name) because (insert reason)!"

I'll pick a winner by 12PM on 24 Nov 2011.

Good luck!

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  1. Don't worry babe! There's surely another chance to meet! ;)

  2. Hi Jac! I'd love to go for a ride of indulgence with Max because his birthday is just round the corner! :P

  3. Kelly dear! The contest is over at: http://www.facebook.com/jaccyy.thesupergirl :D :D

  4. Your hubby so handsome!!!

    Mystery Humsup Man!


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