[Adv] OMY & Wanbao Festive Food Trail - X'mas Feast at Swissotel Merchant Court

Monday, November 07, 2011

So after a mighty feast at Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant (as covered last night), Omy and Wanbao chartered 4 mini buses and off we went to Swissotel Merchant Court!

Boo! Obviously having one helluva fun playing a fool with those fun packs... way to advanced. :P

Paired my dress (can't remember which blogshop already) with a pair of sweet pink rose studs from one98one.com. One98one sells a huge range of rings, earrings and necklaces which are really superbly cute and sweet!

After I got my matching Owls ring and earring, my friend, got a owl ring just to wear to school too. Hehehe.

The earrings are of very high quality - gold plated back that doesn't tarnish easily even when I drip sterilizing drops when I wear them. Sometimes, some poorer quality gold tend to tarnish when in contact with such chemicals (trust me, I've thrown away so many pairs!).

One98one also sponsored me with a matching ring, but in green:

There are also a huge range of funky Korean accessories on sale that you can check it out!

Coming back to the sumptuous Christmas feast, we started our appetizer with a hot, soft bun. Love freshly baked buns that's so crispy on the outside, yet inside... It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!

Very innocent looking bun that is so aromatic, you won't ever wanna have Breadtalk again.

Next in line is a yummy, thick broth of pumpkin soup topped with either sour cream, or cheese. I can't tell, really. It just somehow melts into the creamy soup, making it even thicker and more fragrant.

I did tell you guys before that I'm a sucker for tomato or pumpkin soup, right? I cannot resist them!! :D

I like how the progression of the food is in Swissotel Merchant Court. This is the third dish, but we're not even at our mains yet, how awesome!

I like my food to have a huge variety but small in portion - so whatever I had in Swissotel was something I find it very suitable for me. In the salad above, the greens were dressed in some raspberry sauce, and then tossed with sweetened pears, walnuts and other fruits.

The sweetened pears are the highlight of the salad - I love how it remained its crunchiness despite the caramalization.

Hubba's clearly enjoying his food - it was almost wiped out! :P

After that it was his turn to play the fool.... and then got sabo-ed up the stage to play games. Hahaha!

Thank goodness he wasn't made to sing/dance, but only asked to answer a simple question...

That wasn't too difficult, so we won ourselves a picnic mat!

Must be some sort of 'sign' to Nian to remind him to bring us go picnic again soon. The last time we went was probably a year ago, or more! D:

Finally, our mains arrived!!

What's Christmas without stuffed turkeys!?!? :D

I was amazed by the turkey because most turkeys I've eaten are rather tough and tasteless (think yucky chicken breast meat) but the chefs in Swissotel has done this really well. It was succulent, juicy, and most importantly, tender.


We brought our Christmas festive mood up by another notch with the delicious Christmas Pudding made with Brandy, raisins and fried fruits, served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Omg I feel like I'm celebrating a proper christmas and all we lack are those drifting snow flakes. :D

We ended our party with each representative from our table to dress up as Santa Clause. And this uncle, from our table, won!

2 x the effort ok. His wife actually applied lip gloss on his eye brows, tore off a little cotton wool from his beard and stuck it in there to make him look more alike. We all sacrificed our table napkins for him to stuff it into his belly!

Nian, being the smart one, went to the kitchen to ask for a trashbag. And so... this uncle is the only one with a "prop". LOL.

The good thing about joining Wanbao and OMY's food trail is that there will almost always be a surprise dish. Like previously in Crystal Jade Palace, the surprise dish was the Lucky Eight Pagoda (where there was a mountain of glutinous rice, remember?).

In Swissotel Merchant Court, our surprise dish was overwhelming.

It was the ENTIRE buffet line opened for us omg!!!

The spread was pretty huge - there was even an ice-kacang machine ok!

Nian helped himself with the fruit tartlets while me, being super stuffed, just stood and watch.

Hope you had fun tasting all the yummy food with me, Mr. Tan! :P


If you'd like to place orders for Christmas with Swissotel Merchant Court, all you need to do is to retrieve an order form online and email to emc.reservations@swissotel.com, or call 6239 1848.

As mentioned in earlier post as well, there's also a 2nd, 3rd and 4th food tasting available for grabs for the public.

While you won't be visiting these places I've covered, you would be sure that the other restaurants are equally delicious! For example, some of the places you can choose to go are: Fairmont Hotel, 泰国村海鲜酒家 (Thai Village Restaurant - very well known for their sharks' fins!), Rendezvous Hotel, King's Hotel and even Mandarin Hotel

Going at $128 per single pax and $88 per pax for a group of 2 and more, you can register yourself here.

Swissotel Merchant Court
20 Merchant Road
Singapore 058281
Tel: 6337 2288

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