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Monday, November 07, 2011

This is truly a season to be jolly! Now at November, X'mas will be here in no time! And before we know it, Chinese New Year will be right on Santa's tail. :D

Thanks to Wanbao and OMY, Nian and I had a major feast over the weekend at Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant at Ngee Ann City and Swissotel Merchant Court, yum yum!

To kick off our delicious food trail, we started off with an early Yu Sheng 三文鱼大捞生 (or Yu Sang in Cantonese)! Boy, I LOVE Yu Sheng. Those thick, succulent salmon slices, mixed with a variety of freshly chopped radishes, carrots, aromatic pepper, sour plum sauce and what-have-yous.

The leader of our table is then required to help the waitress to mix the condiments together. How did she become a leader?

Well, under one of the ten plates on the table lies a small slip of paper. Whoever has that slip of paper under his/her plate becomes the leader, hahaha!

All ready to lou Yu Sang already! Mega chopsticks so that we can make a lot of mess, hehehe.

Crystal Jade Palace was also very nice to give each of us a pair of mandarin oranges. We were in a great festive mood in that function room, I tell you! I was almost, very nearly singing to the Chinese New Year songs blasting out from their sound systems. :P

Yay, tuck in!

Nian has given me extra servings of salmon slices, knowing that I love them. :P I was telling him that if I get pregnant any time soon, this would be my last serving of Yu Sheng because pregnant ladies are not supposed to eat raw food. Booooo.

And no, I'm not pregnant, yet.

If you'd realize, most of the pictures are yellowish because of the orange lighting we usually have in restaurants. Ahhhhh. This really frustrated me a lot because most of the dishes look super unappetizing. (When in fact, I had so many freaking servings of it!)

I like how Crystal Jade would like us to cleanse our palate before the next dish. Even though important, not many restaurants does it! They should, because it makes us appreciate the next dish as much as the first one, where our palates are still fresh.

In this case, Crystal Jade Palace served us a refreshing glass of ginseng honey - which both Nian and I like a lot because it is yummy with no traces of bitterness from the ginseng. We're speculating that they must have poured in a generous amount of honey, hehehe.

The next dish was a very, very sumptuous pot of 盆菜 (皇宫金装鲍鱼盆菜 a.k.a. Pen cai). The Pen Cai contains pork knuckles, Pork skin, fish pieces, marinated duck as the meat portion; abalone, scallops, fish maw, sea cucumbers as the seafood portion; dried mushroom, beancurd skin, yam, faat choi and Chinese radish as the vegetable portion.

Basically, in order to savour this sumptuous pot, you would need to eat them layer by layer. We began with the seafood (my favourite layer!), then the meat layer, and then finally the vegetable layer.

It was very delish! In fact, it was as good as the Buddha Jump Over The Wall I've sampled a while back.

Here's the meat portion of the Pen Cai, which is not my favourite part. I'm not really a huge fan of all these meat, but I swear the other portions were much yummier!

You know the staffs from Wanbao and OMY puts in a lot of effort when they organized so much games for us, LOL. One of which is the making of lanterns using angbaos!

Nian and I were transported back to primary school, with me folding the angbaos and him doing all the stapling. The rest of our table-mates were cheering and helping us to fold the angbaos because they couldn't remember how to make those lanterns!

Not bad a job, I'd say, given that the last time I did something like this was probably when I was in Primary 4!

Suddenly you get a much better picture because I've decided not to be shy and snap away with my flash lights on!

Both Nian and I were very shocked when we saw this dish being carted out from the kitchen. We were like, "OMG another sashimi?"

No, not really, but the fish slices were cooked right in front of you! Tell me about freshness~ This dish is known as 过桥活鱼, meaning live fishes crossing the bridge LOL.

Anyways, everyone knows that there are so many branches of Crystal Jade everywhere. Wanna know who's the boss? (Please see black arrow above)

I love this soup so much I can take like 5 bowls of it before turning into a fish myself wtf. The crispy wonton skin with the crunchy beansprouts, going along with the tender fish slices - this is probably the best fish sliced soup I've ever had in a long, long time.

We had to represent our tables to display our lanterns after the mouth-watering fish sliced soup. The little boy at the left won eventually, despite our huge-ass mega lantern LOL.

This shows that size isn't everything wtf.

Posed with the other two bloggers, Jeanine and Stephanie, with Alan, the food writer for Wanbao. Very happy to meet Steph because thanks to her, I have a box of very cutesy stickers to stick on every nonsense I have! (Show you guys next time :P)

Also very happy to have met Alan even though he has retired (meaning I cannot haunt him to help me write articles anymore OMG!)

Suddenly, our waitress served up a mountain (literally!) of glutinous rice. Known as the Lucky Eight Pagoda, it is basically made up of a mountain of deliciously fried glutinous rice with 8 different ingredients at its side: 2 different types of sausages, fried chicken, fried tofu, marinated squids, long beans, mushrooms and prawns.

Instead of letting us conquer the mountain ourselves, our very kind waitress sorted it out for us and here's what each of us got... as above.

We ended off our food trail at Crystal Jade Palace with the 椰香仙翁米+酒香脆皮煎堆. Loosely translating, it is made up of a hot and a cold dessert. The hot portion is a sesame ball, with its inside filled with yummy flowy custard-like stuff!

Not sure if you can see it but I love this sesame ball because the sesame fragrance is soooo strong, it's uber delicious!

The cold portion tasted somewhat like bobo cha cha though; a nice contradiction from the hot custard flowing into our mouths.


This Chinese New Year package is available for pre-order from 26 December 2011. You can either call Crystal Jade Palace, or email them for bookings. :)

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant
391 Orchard Road
#04-19 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Tel: 6512 0800
Email: happenings@crystaljade.com

There's also a 2nd, 3rd and 4th food tasting available for grabs for the public.

While you won't be visiting these places I've covered, you would be sure that the other restaurants are equally delicious! For example, some of the places you can choose to go are: Fairmont Hotel, 泰国村海鲜酒家 (Thai Village Restaurant - very well known for their sharks' fins!), Rendezvous Hotel, King's Hotel and even Mandarin Hotel

Going at $128 per single pax and $88 per pax for a group of 2 and more, you can register yourself here.

I'd be covering the Christmas food tasting at Swissotel Merchant Court in my next post, so stay tuned!! :D

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