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Friday, November 04, 2011

"What do you need, Snow White?"

"I want a makeover!" She says.

"Everyone knows you with your blue-and-yellow gown. Everyone knows you in your black, curly hair. Heck! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU A MAKEOVER!?!? Nobody will recognize you after that!"

And she bawled her eyes out, literally.

"I don't care!!! I've been wearing the same dress for DECADES, girl. DECADESSSSSS!!! Even before you were born!!! I'm sick of how I look! Give me something new!"

"Ok, fine! Let me think about it.............."

"Oh!! I know!! You were coloured by erasable ink, right??? That means I can undo all your colours!"

Thank goodness my Snow White is coloured by the brand new Frixion Colours markers.

Like the Frixion Pens I've last reviewed, Frixion Colours markers is the new addition to the Frixion family. (There's also Frixion Highlighter - which is erasable too!)

The Pilot FriXion pens and highlighters have their erasable tips at the back. However, this brand new FriXion Colours markers have theirs, at the caps:

And I love the 12 different vibrant colours from these markers. How else would they be able to make Snow White so mesmerizing? :P

Talking about Snow White, I helped her strip off all her colours. (Luckily that didn't involve me stripping off her clothes. Eh-hem.)

Boy, this girl was excited!

She wanted to be a blonde, so I got rid of her black hair and gave her yellow mane - just the way she likes it!

After much fixing, we've given this 1937 girl a new dress! Poor girl hasn't really had a change in costume for the past 74 years, omg.

Voilà! Snow White is now blonde, with a brand new pink-and-blue gown and purple cape!

If you've noticed, I've given her a fresh lipstick colour too!


In other news, Pilot also came up with an interesting Facebook called "Ink Your Secret".

Basically, you can send a secret letter to anyone you like. (Even if you don't have their address! Pilot will settle this problem, teeheehee!) You can send someone a hate mail (and then make that person log into Facebook to find out who you are, HARHAR. EVIL.) or you can send your secret crush a love letter.

For me, I decided to give Nian a surprise by sending him an anonymous love letter, complete with a "Roses are Red and Violets are Blue" cliche shit. You should look at his face when he went, "What's this???"

You see, when it comes, it is invisible! (Yes, this is addressed to me because I have one too!)

I made Nian pop the card into the freezer and by then, he was truly bewildered. He was analyzing the handwriting (which was Shumin's!) and thinking who it could be from. :P

I had to choose 2 decoys to confuse him as to who the sender is - and I chose Daen and Raymond.

So obviously he knew that the secret letter was DEFINITELY from me, hahaha!

While Nian and I exchange many cards, letters and notes, this is the first time I actually sent him something anonymous. (And wrote him a poem for that!) It's a pretty interesting idea, in my opinion. Why not send someone you love/hate and tell them what's on your mind now? :D [CLICK HERE!]


To see more of FriXion Colours in action, you can also head down to the various Popular stores islandwide:

Have fun! :)

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