[Adv] Act-Q-Patch to the rescue!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Throughout my course of life, I am often interested in things.

The thing about me is that when I'm interested, I get obsessed by it. Like losing weight, for example. I knew I could lose up to 5KG if I was obsessed enough.

And I lost 8KG.

For a while, I was also obsessed with running. I was never a runner, but somehow, along with the dieting plan, this running thing just got attached to me like a leech.

I could like, run every single day back then wtf. Yes, even though I don't really love it per se.

Shortly after, I started working proper. The timing is almost always wrong to run since then. I either reach home at 8PM, tired and annoyed, or I try to make up lost time with Nian.

Then, I left my previous job and started on a new one. Things were less crazy because nobody stays overtime in my current office (I hear loads of cheering, haha!). I had more time to spare, and now, I'm obsessed with lifting weights.

Please don't ask me why, but somehow, I think nice muscular arms and tight abs are something I'd die for. (Read: Tight abs, not those "suck-in-or-stand-dead-straight-to-create-a-false-impression" kinda abs)

So these days, you'd more often than not see me looking really grumpy because my arms, back and abs are so bloody sore! D:

Thank goodness for Act-Q-Patch. The patch is formulated based on the traditional Shaolin Martial Arts Herbal Formula and its ingredients scientifically extracted and processed to a traditionally specified standard.

I usually use the popular Salonpas, but when I took this free sample out to try, I was quite surprised by the differences.

For one, the Act-Q-Patch is visibly thinner than my usual pain-relief patch.

It is also easier to remove the patch for application too. Usually, a patch will be stuck on a transparent film, where you would have to somewhat peel the patch off (think how plaster works, except that they are at least 10x stickier).

For Act-Q-Patch, instead of having a single piece of transparent plastic, it is replaced with a three–slit kesophane so that I can remove them part by part without using a lot of force from my already aching arms.

It's pretty sticky so even on uneven surfaces (like on my shoulders, as seen), it sticks well too.

While it is said that the patch is odourless, I could still smell the Chinese koyok smell emitting out certain times.

What I really appreciate about the patch is that it is both easy to stick on and peel off. It doesn't pull out any hair (Salonpas pulls out my hair when I stick it at the nape of my neck, or on my shoulders. Very painful when I peel them out. Seriously.). In fact, it was still sticky when I pulled the Act-Q-Patch out.

I was told that I can actually stick them elsewhere... but don't want lah. Who knows how much "medication" is left on the patch after my first stick-on? Salonpas, on the other hand, is completely not sticky after I pull it out.. so that means it's either you stick it right the first time, or you don't.

Finally, for its efficacy, I think it does a reasonable job in relieving the aches temporarily. Salonpas does a pretty good job in that as well, which was why I've always used Salonpas before receiving an Act-Q-Patch sample.

Overall, I'd think that the Act-Q-Patch is worth the money solely based on its re-sticking ability and it doesn't pull out any body hair (very important because I won't want a waxing session every time I apply a patch omg!).

If you'd like to have a sample of Act-Q-Patch to try, you can like them on their Facebook page and redeem! Otherwise, they are also available at US$18.90 for 3 boxes of 5 patches each at LegendCure.com.

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