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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I read a lot of interesting stuff that my Twitter timeline peeps share. And here are some to share. Very interesing!

1. Women behave differently during ovulation. Volunteers in an experiment also consistently decided that the women trying to look attractive were the ones who in fact had been ovulating

2. Women are more likely to cheat on a partner when they're ovulating. It's almost as if women are looking to mate when they're ovulating, but (looking) for a mate when they're not.

3. The man or woman who smells attractive to us is often the one whose genes differ from our own. Small groups of people who mix the same genes over and over develop gene pools that lack robustness. Shuffling the genetic deck is essential to humans. It may be what sex is for, mainly. And it turns out that we tend not to like the smell of someone with genes that resemble our own.

(That probably means that you're pretty similar to that smelly PRC sitting beside you in the train, fuck our lives.)

An exception: Your family members generally don't smell repulsive to you. They may even smell reassuring, pleasant, safe. But they don't smell attractive in a sexual way.

4. Penises can break, though rarely. It is called penile fracture.

5. Orgasm in women seems to have more to do with the mind than the body. It's emotional, and as closely connected to a woman's feelings for her partner as to her body.

6. The more symmetrical a face is, the more the people will be attracted to it. Which makes evolutionary sense, since symmetry in a face is often linked with good health, and choosing a healthy partner is good for survival of the species.

7. Pubic lice become rare in countries where Brazilian-style waxing is in vogue.

8. There's a reason for women to prefer dark men: They're less like to have sperm damage from UV light.

9. Breast-feeding can act as birth control, but it's risky.

10. One in five American high school girls don't know how HIV is transmitted.

All information taken from here. Read for more details!

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