Loud Festival!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last year, I didn't really have a lot of luck with buying concert tickets. For one, I queued like mad for Jay Chou's tickets but stupid Sistic decided to crash and we had only single seats left for sale.

So I had to miss him. It was the first concert that I missed. :(

This year, knowing that I'm an avid fan of Jay Chou, Serene invited me to the Loud Festival. Boy! Happy was an understatement wtf! I was so excited I couldn't even talk properly when I met the girls LOL.

Just. Look. At. The. Crowd.

Apart from Jay Chou, there were also other singers like Sodagreen (whom, no offence, I think, is really whiny), Landy (super hot as usual & she sang all my favourite songs!), Cindy Yuen (some new singer who everyone took the time to go to the toilet) and this Singaporean band Ang Mo Pai which I've never heard of before.

They sang a Chinese rendition of 一百万, which was so-so I think. More people went to the toilet at this point of time after screaming at Landy.

Dress: The Closet Ville
Bag: PerryAmber

Here's my date for the night! <3

Sodagreen started off first... and all I could do was to countdown to the end of the portion. Partly because I simply COULDN'T wait for Jay Chou's appearance!!! :P

Fast forward the concert until towards the end, 4 coffins suddenly appeared.

Everyone screamed. SCREAMED. Like  


And I started shivering in anticipation. OMG MY JAY CHOU. MY JAY CHOU!!

And then at this point of time I'm like "WHICH ONE IS JIE LUN??????!!!!!!"

You see, we were seated really god-damn-it far away. So far that even if I were to hurl a stone (I won't) at anybody on stage, it will probably never make it to the stage. And doesn't help that I'm on the second floor and have rather bad eyesight FML.

I wish I had my binoculars with me at the instant. Really. Swear.

And then I realized I couldn't find him earlier because he hasn't come out la hahahahaha! #crazyfan

The first song he sang was  本草纲目. What has a Chinese medical book (as in the Chinese name 本草纲目) gotta do with coffins!?!?!?

Thought he was gonna sing 威廉古堡 or something along the mysterious-likes. *pouts*

He disappeared after the first song before reappearing to MORE screams from us. And he brought his piano along. *HEART MELTXSXSXSX*

I cannot decide which Jay I love more - The Jay playing piano (he played the Flight of the Bumblebee ZOMGFTSILY!) or the Jay playing the cello in melancholy. *sighs~~~

After the fast-finger piece, he then sang my favourite emo song from him: 说好的幸福呢. And then I cried.

I don't know why I cried, really. I just felt the pain through his lyrics, through his soul when he sang... it was as though one of us was actually going through a breakup wtf.

After the song ended, I stopped crying. While drying my tears, this joker decides to be emo again and he said, “谢谢歌迷10年来的支持,不管什么绯闻八卦,还是我要结婚了,你们还是会听我的歌对吗?” ("Thank you for the support for 10 years. Are you like me, when you encounter any difficulties you do not give up? No matter if it's a scandal or gossip? Even if I get married, will you still support me?")

WTF HOW CAN WE SAY NO TO YOU JAY?!?!?!? T___________T

And then the thought of him going to marry his rumoured 18 year old girlfriend made me tear again FMLx2.

I know I'm not chio enough to say this but Kun Ling is not pretty lehhhh!!! Please just marry Jolin Tsai. I will be so happy for you guys. T___T

He then ended off the emo ambiance with 最後的戰役.... Good choice, Jay. Good choice. #sarcasm

But thank goodness, he made it up with a more upbeat 免费教学录影带. I cannot be crying throughout his entire concert wtf later my husband thought Serene bullied me or something.

Landy came back with a finale with Jay... and all of us cheered like mad. Maybe if you marry Landy I won't be so upset too, you know?

I thought he'd sing 画沙 with Cindy, but I think everyone's more interested in listening to 屋顶 lolol.

And then after this the lights just came on IMMEDIATELY. Like "Ok show's over go home you guys" kinda immediately. And I was the only one screaming for more encore fml x 3. Everyone stood up and wanted to go home already, and there I was screaming at the empty stage. -___-

I left Singapore Indoor Stadium feeling very, very hungry (dunno screaming can make u so hungry also), quite emo (because no encore) but feeling quite fulfilled because I finally saw Jay Chou hahahahaha.

Hubba was really nice to come all the way down from home to pick me up too. I was so prepared to plug into more Jay's music while I take a train back, but having my husband around makes me a lesser fangirl. Which is kinda good, right? :P

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  1. LOL! I blogged only for Sodagreen and you blogged only for Jay. Hahahaha. Sounds like you have loads of fun and good memories. :D


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