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Monday, October 17, 2011

That my favourite singer has always been and always will be...



I get a lot of FAQs from people regarding my love for him, it's quite funny. Here are some of those I always get:

1. Why do you like him so much?

Most common question. 

Many, many people asked me why I like him so much. Most say that he has no looks (not really what, he's pretty cool-looking IMO) and he mumbles a lot.

Some say he can't even act properly.

But I like him not because he's just "cool-looking", but I think he's ridiculously talented!

Not talking about the music he writes, let's just talk about the number of instruments he can play.

He can play so much more instruments than the number of fingers I have on my hand. He plays the cello, the flute, guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, the zither... here's a video of him playing 6 different instruments. WTF if that is not talented what is?!?!

2. What is your favourite song from his entire discography?

I like almost 90% of his songs (the remaining 10% are too happy for me, mostly. Like 園遊會. Meh, don't like.) but my favourite song has to be 我不配.

Urm because sometimes I daydream myself to be his secret girlfriend hahahahaha! So this MTV is very apt to me... except that I don't think I'd ever break up with him if he was really my boyfriend.

3. Which MTV do you like best?

Apart from 我不配, I like 本草綱目's MTV next. Jay was god-like with his dancing there!!

And I really like those little bouncy Chinese vampire kids. Super cute.

4. What is your usual daydream scenario of him?

LOL. This one is embarrasing.

I usually daydream him as me being his secret girlfriend hahahahahahhaa. Because he's so popular, I have to be the "secret woman behind his back". Something like Andy Lau's girlfriend (now wife). You know you know?

And then I'll go to all his concert as a screaming fan, but actually, we are a couple. HAHAHA and all his love songs are sung for meeeeeeee. And then we'll hang out at some secluded restaurant after his concerts and have a nice supper together.

Oh man. Maybe this shouldn't be published at all. A 26 year old married woman daydreaming about a singer........... D:

5. What will you do if you meet him in person, and have 1 minute with him?


And then I'll take loads of pictures with him (probably using multi-shots so that I won't miss a single moment) and then make him do a video for me. And I should appear with him in the video.

2nd best day of my life. (first one will always be me getting married okokok.)

6. Sex or Dinner, Nian or Jay?

Definitely Nian for sex and Jay for dinner! I can SO IMAGINE the envious stares when we go out for dinner hahahaa!!!

7. If Jay Chou tells you that he loves you and is going to bring you to Taiwan and marry you, will you leave Nian?

WTF this will never happen, but if, let's say IF it does, I'll tell him I won't leave with him.

Seriously! I actually thought about it seriously when I was posed with this question. I don't think anything can make me leave my husband - not money, not fame and definitely not an idol.

But I'll make him be my "best friend" so that I can erm, probably brag about it. And I will make him announce to the public so that no one will call bluff on me when I brag. :P

One pointless entry for today. Haaaaa ok bye.

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