It's Mama Chan's Birthday Today!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A few months back, we celebrated Papa Chan's birthday.

2 months later, it was Mama Chan's birthday. She is a fan of dimsum, so Nian and I made a reservation for us at Yum Cha Garden at Serangoon Garden Country Club on Saturday.

(It is also my XY's birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! *throws confetti*) More on her celebration in a later post!!

Wore my new dress (supposedly for work, but I cannot wait until Monday to wear it out hahaha!) Love the black band that accentuates the waist, and the brown bottom that is in tweed-like in real life. Major love. <3

We like Yum Cha mostly because it opens early during weekends. At 9AM, we don't need to fret that we may end up having brunch, more than breakfast.

I think I've mentioned before that I also particularly like Swee Chun (or commonly known as Rui Chun) Dim Sum at Jalan Besar, but these days, we hardly venture that area anymore.

Yum Cha Garden seems like a nice place for repeated visits because the service is prompt and friendly, and the prices are rather reasonable too.

5 of us (Sissy #2 didn't come with us cuz she had to work.) spent about $126, after ordering almost 20 different dishes of dimsum, some in multiples of 2! And since we were in the dimsum mood, we bought Mama Chan birthday buns to wish her longevity. :)

Papa Chan had nice moist chocolate cake for his birthday so we are fair! :P

Happy Birthday, Mama Chan!

In the past, we don't usually eat out for celebration, but I guess when all of us grow up and move out, treats like these makes us stay closer despite the distance. :)

Yum Cha Garden
22 Kensington Park Road (Serangoon Garden Country Club)
Singapore 557271
Tel : 6343 1717

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  1. Hi jacq! :D

    I saw this deal in my email this morning & first thing I thought of was your post! Thought you might want to head there again since your family likes it so much:

    Anyway, kudos for your awesome entries! Chanced upon your blog randomly but I'm glad I did! (:

  2. Geez omg THANKS!!!

    Shall go buy the deal!!


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